Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mostly Lopez

I rode Lopez during camp for jumping. I only ended up riding him 3 day I rode Daisy all day, and once my lesson on him was canceled because of a thunderstorm.
Lopez is a 10 year old Appendix gelding. I think he's about 15.3...maybe 16hh? Not sure.

He was a good boy. The first day (when I took the picture below) he had a funny habit of untying himself. Again...and again...and again. Try doing up a girth one handed, the other clutching a lead....interesting. Needless to say, I wasn't really that excited to ride him. Funny as he was on the ground, though, he was great in the saddle. For the record, I tacked him in a stall the other 2 times and he didn't give me any trouble.

He tripped a lot, much like Bubba does...very forehand-y. He was a good boy, though. He jumped everything I asked him to. He died out a few times...He'd come to the jump at a good canter, and then fall to the trot :P but leg got him through it.

This was my lesson group (below). :)

Anddd Lopez and I :)

Local news:
I ordered a new bit for Daisy, one most like the one I used at camp. A loose ring, french link snaffle. This one. I'm dying to get it and start riding with it....I want to start riding Daisy up to Jenny's arena and working her in it. :)

I rode Ladd today at Jean's. He was a good boy :), even in an arena full of other horses. We did some drill team stuff to music and he was surprisingly agreeable.

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Gudl said...

Nice post! I love the pictures. You both look great!


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