Friday, August 29, 2008

Bathing Bibbi---UPDATED!

I am now able to open the page with the videos, so I have embeded them below!

The top one is part one, the lower one is part two, of washing Bibbi, the chicken...check below for more info. Pictures of her all clean to come! :D

How Do You Give A Chicken A Bath?

This is Bibbi. I believe she is a faverolle...anyway, she spends probably 23 hours and 45 minutes of her day sitting in one of the nest boxes--whether there are eggs in the box or not, she sits there. Once a day I do her the favor (Yes, a favor) of shoving her out of the box so that she is forced to go eat food and drink. Of course, as soon as I do that she runs like a mad hen squawking out the coop shed and into the pen to drink water and eat some food like she has just been let out of prison and hasn't eaten in months. Really, she acts like we force her to sit there! So, my first question is, do any of you know how to discourage her from sitting in the coop so much and get out in the fresh air?

Also, because she sits there so long, when she lays an egg she tends to, sometimes (I'd say twice a week) crack the egg and get the yolk all over her stomach. She did this recently, and she has the egg sticking all over her stomach, and her feathers are all gross and ewwww, I'm going to give her a bath. I was going to give her one today, but I haven't because it's not that warm out, and we are not bringing her in the house. I think I'll do it like it says here, mixed with the way this lady here does it...except not in the kitchen.

Have any of you ever given your chickens a bath? Any suggestions?

3:34 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Blogger friend, Zoe, over at Joyful Sounds, posted this because she was tagged, and I decided to do it, too. :^)

I am: A crazy, horse loving, Christian girl

I think: randomly

I know: that I will survive this school year

I have: a horse and she's one of the best things that ever happened to me

I hate: snakes

I wish: that I could rescue all the horses in the world from slaughter

I miss: the county fair and Germany

I fear: snakes...
I feel: kinda bored, a little lazy lately, and kind of sleepy

I hear: the hum of the computer, the sound of a car coming into our garage right now (Dad's home!) and the clanking of the gutter against the house.

I smell: nothing at the moment

I crave: lemonade, a shower, and cookies & cream ice cream

I search
for: my camera a lot

I wonder: when I will ride a draft horse for the first time...and if I'd be too chicken to ride in a hot air balloon

I regret: staying home all day today

I love: Jesus, my horse, my parents, my brothers, my dog, my chickens, my barn cats, my indoor cat, and a lot of other stuff, but for the sake of your time (and mine) I won't list them all.

I am not: reading a book at the moment....hmmm....what to read, what to read...?

I believe: God has a perfect plan for my life, and that he is always in control (whether I like it or not) mom has this saying, in German, that is "Men think, but God steers" know? People can get ideas of what they want to do, but God is the one controlling everything...

I dance: badly, but I wish I could ballroom dance, I think that'd be cool

I sing: loudly, daily

I cry: rarely

I don't always: do what I'm told right away (right, Mom?...oops)

I fight: with no one normally...who's there to fight with?!

I write: daily, and I love it, either writing a story, or just putting pen to paper

I win:, but thanks to Daisy, I won stuff this summer! :D

I lose: a lot, but that's a part of life (you win some, you lose some)

I never: lie

I always: tell my horse everything

I confuse: my pony, by giving wrong signals at times (I know, that was a totally, nerdy, strange answer)

I listen: to Coldplay, MercyMe, and Delirious?

I can usually be found: on the computer or outside

I am scared: snakes (this is the same as what I, that was kind of dumb, scared and fear...)

I need: to shower

I am happy: that I own such a wonderful horse

I imagine: that I will one day grow up and have a barn full of horses

Soooo, I tag Anika, Sam, Allen, Sarah, and anyone else who wants to do this tag...but if I tagged you and you don't want to do it, I don't blame you.

9:28 PM

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Strange Egg---Chicken or Hummingbird?

A few days ago I went out to the chicken coop and found this egg on the ground. I don't really think it's a chicken egg--it's very small, and our chickens are over a year old, it's been a year since they started laying eggs, so they can't possibly still be laying such small eggs, right?

I think maybe another bird flew in and laid it... Anyway, I tried to crack it in a bowl. It wouldn't crack, though, the plastic-like layer on the inside wouldn't break, so I slit it with a knife.

This is it! Isn't that yolk SMALL?! I thought it was really weird. I wonder if, because of the way the yolk is shaped, if it was already a baby bird...?

Do snakes lay eggs?

This is the yolk up close-about the size of, or smaller then, a jelly bean.
So this is it. Now-

-What are your thoughts? Could it be the egg of a hummingbird? A chicken egg? Do snakes lay eggs? That is the question.

On a different note, I start school again next Thursday--one week left. **Grumble, groan, rolls-eyes, sigh.**

6:33 PM

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Saddle Pictures

Here are the promised pics of Daisy and I and the new saddle I bought...I got a pad from Jean that fits...thank goodness...I like it, I think it looks good on yea, there you go. :)

9:41 AM

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What could possibly be in this box? Hmmm....fragile....saddle...nope, haven't got a clue.

Just kidding. At approximately 1:47 PM on August the 20th a lone UPS truck drove up a certain driveway in New York State. Nonchalantly, the drive of the truck got out and heaved a large box (pictured above) onto the step of the house on this certain driveway in New York State. He then got back into his truck and pulled away. As soon as the truck was out of sight, and excited person ran out the door, dragged the box inside the house on the certain driveway, and shouted with glee!

Yes, I couldn't help myself, I had to do it in story form. OK, so on Saturday, August 16 my Mom, Gudl, ordered my first English saddle for me, the saddle I have been wanting and entering contests for since before I even had Daisy. Yes, this saddle is the amazing Wintec 500 with CAIR panels and an easy change gullet system, seat size 16.5 in. So today it arrived in the mail. Here is the inside of the box:

I bought my saddle off, it was sold by a horse supply company through Ebay, and it was a great deal. Normally the saddle itself costs $499.99. I got this AMAZING deal--I got the saddle (NEW!) WITH a Wintec elastic girth. And---

Wintec synthetic stirrup leathers.

And a wintec saddle cover.

And the Wintec Easy Change Gullet system (you can use this system in this saddle to adjust and change the size of the saddle to fit any horse).

Here is all the loot. Isn't the saddle beautiful?!? I got the pad from a friend of mine...

Unfortunately, the pad is too small, but that's ok...I can get another. :)

I'd ridden in this saddle before, so I knew it was good. I know it is synthetic, but that's partially why I wanted it-my other saddle is leather, but I wanted one I could ride in rain with, and just because it still is very pretty. I already took it apart and adjusted the gullet to fit Daisy, and bought stirrups, and took it out "for a spin" later, maybe...I just need a new saddle pad and a breast plate and an English bridle now...but seeing as I 'm out of money, that stuff will have to wait for Christmas (well, except for the pad :-P)
Altogether it cost just $499.99, a great deal, with free shipping. Isn't it gorgeous! I'll have to start riding and learning English now!!! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daisy-Mae!

Today is Miss Daisy-Mae's 10th Birthday!! Daisy was born on August 19th, 1998 (apparently, although that is late in the year for a foal to be born). Happy Birthday, little mare! May this next year go well, and may you have an even MORE awesome hat next year!

Doesn't she look stunning in her hat? I thought so. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tagged-8 Things

Sooo, I was kinda tagged by Twinville-I consider myself tagged, anyway-to post 8 things that I want to do before I die...Optimistic, isn't it? Well, here goes:

  1. I want to, first of all, get through math class this year without dieing of either stress or embarrassment.
  2. I would like to have Daisy for the rest of her life, and get to be able to ride her better, learn to jump her, learn to do western reining, etc.
  3. I want to go camping, either in a tent, or in a camper, but I think a tent is more fun, and I want to do an overnight trail ride somewhere in the mountains with Daisy...I'm thinkin' Adirondacks.
  4. I want to grow up and have kids do all that stuff adults know? :D
  5. I want to be able to, when I'm older, open a horse and other farm animal, but mainly horse, rescue center. I want to rescue horses from being abused/neglected, and give them good, good luck with that, right? I'm gonna need $$...
  6. I would like to get really good at French and be able to go to France...and speak french...get my drift?
  7. I think it'd be totally cool to try to do a lot of horse sports/shows. I think it'd be really cool to try doing an endurance ride...
  8. I want to live a long and fulfilling life...maybe write a book one day...and yeah...I'm planning to change the world...
So there is my cheesy but true tagged post-y thing...I tag Anika, Allen, Sam, and Alli...and if anyone else wants to do it, be my guest-let me know if you do it!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008



I love how blogging works, you know why? Because through this blog I made friends with "I Love Jesus" and today I got to meet her!!! It was AWESOME! She's really nice and yeah...she has a cool dog she's raising for guiding eyes....anyway, she took this video of Daisy and I sidepassing today, and I love it. The whole time I couldn't get Daisy to sidepass unless she's walking foreward, but today I got to get her to sidepass from a stand still! She can only sidepass to the left, though, she's bad at the right. (I said she's bad at the left in the movie because I was thinking that I was squeezing her with my left leg and it wasn't working.... ;-))

Hope you enjoy!

6:20 PM

Daisy Gets Dinner

I took this video last night at the same time that I took the pictures of Daisy's nose for yesterday's post...I'm sorry it's so shaky...atleast I'm posting, :D.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mrs. Bluebird on My Nose-y

Now, it was pointed out to me one day that the stripe on Daisy's nose looks like a bird. I looked at the stripe and I thought "What? That does not look like a bird!" and I left it at that. The other day I got to looking at Daisy's face again and I thought " does kind of look like a bird...more like a penguin then a bird...but it does resemble a bird." Do you see the birdy on Daisy's nosey?

Well, look at the above pic just a little longer now................................................Ok, if you don't see it, look below at this pic-I outlined it for you. :D

See it?! The point is the tip of the nose, and then it comes down and curves around the head of the bird....See it?! Isn't that kinda cool? I really like the birdy on her nose...Oh, and the history behind the title of this post is that I was thinking about the Zippity-doo-da song where they sing "Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder!"

So this makes me wonder-should I have named Daisy something different? Birdy? Bluebird? Penguin? (eww!)...Robin? Pelican?...I think the only ones that would have fit would be Pelican, Penguin, and Stork, and those are all weird as names...

So I think I have a good name for my pony.

9:01 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jr. Cutter Curb Bit

Hey! Sorry I haven't posted, but I'm back! People kept bugging me to post, sooooo...

4H requires that if you are riding a horse that is over 6 years old one handed (neck reining western) that you use a curb bit instead of a snaffle. I've been riding with a snaffle the whole time (this is what a snaffle looks like) so before the fair I had to borrow a curb bit (the one Daisy's wearing in the second pic) and ride in it. It was like riding a different horse! Daisy behaved MUCH better-she moved better and was easier to control, and she liked it as well. If you use a snaffle bit riding one handed it's a harsh bit because of the way it moves, but the curb is meant for one hand reining. You also use a curb strap (curb chain) under the horses chin. When you pull back on the reins to ask the horse to stop, it first puts pressure on the top of the horse's head. Some horses will stop because of that pressure already, but if they don't the bit then comes back farther and causes the chain under their chin to dig into their chin and make them stop. I bought my own curb bit now (the one above) and I use it on Daisy, and she's great. Although, it is a lot harder to stop her when we're galloping on the road-I've learned to use my seat and my voice more often now (sitting deep in the saddle, leaning back, squeezing my thighs, putting my heels down, and saying "Whoa".). I kind of wish it'd be easier to stop Daisy (ESPECIALLY when I let her out in a full gallop along the road-she's FAST!) but I suppose it's a "learning experience"., here's my not-that-great post. :)

2:03 PM

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Silly Video

This video explains itself... :)
Sorry for my shaky hand, I was (slowly) walking down the steps as I filmed...

Monday, August 4, 2008

There Once Was-

-A Box.

There once was a little boy cat who made it his home for the day. He enjoyed it, as it was right by the door of a house. He slept in it, and was the doorman.

There once was a sister of the little boy cat. She followed her brother's role and played door-women while he went off to eat. She enjoyed it, as it was right by the door of a house.

There once was a sister of the little boy cat who played doorman and she stuck her head out while on-duty to see what was around...luckily, there were no intruders.

There once was a little boy cat who had a sister, and the two of them united and became an inseparable, clever duo, always on the lookout for intruders to the home.

Luckily, there were none.

(Uncle Gregor, this one was for you.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Good Ride and a Good Roll

So today I rode Daisy on the 3.5 mile block...rain was threatening the whole time, but it didn't end up raining. After I rode her I hosed her off like I usually always do when she's sweaty, and put her out in her paddock to graze. She normally rolls after being ridden and then hosed off, so I grabbed the camera, and sure enough, I got it on tape! :)

Hope you enjoy!

7:14 PM


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