Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

After a month+ hiatus, I'm back. 
Florida was warm. I returned to cold and snow. That doesn't really bother me.
I rode in Jean's arena. Daisy was a good girl. She got along well with Dixie, and actually lost a bit of weight because surprisingly, Dixie was the alpha mare and though she's really not very aggressive at all, Daisy still respected her and her food completely.
Jean trailered Daisy home for me on Tuesday. Daisy is happy at home :) and I'm happy to have her home. We've been road riding again, starting to build up her muscles again. We've only gone with the bareback pad this week because it's fun. All the snow melted, and then we were dumped with over half a foot again on Wednesday, so until it melts, I'm going bareback. Because that's my excuse. 

Daisy has started shedding (oh goody). This means our appointment for a spring vet check will be right around the corner, along with a visit from her dentist. I'm planning on going the new "alternative" root for deworming this season as discussed in the February issue of Equus. If you didn't read that edition, get your hands on it. It's important. It talks about doing a fecal exam instead of deworming "in case" they have worms because worms are becoming resistant to dewormer.  This is not a really new piece of knowledge, but this year I plan on putting it in action. 
Yesterday was my 16th Birthday and I recieved a new camera from my dad. I love it! It's a Kodak Easyshare M580. These pictures were taken with it yesterday and today. I'm really enjoying it.
I'm in the process of joining Pony Club with my friend Lydia. If it works out, I'll be able to ride the mile and a half down the road weekly for mounted meetings and lessons over the next few months. It's pretty exciting. 
I'm keeping busy. Hope you're all well,


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