Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm Driving Miss Daisy....

Today, Daisy's trailer came home. Looking forward to our maiden voyage in the near future. . . 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So Much to Catch-Up On. . .

Hey readers!
I am still alive.
Unfortunately, I haven't posted since before my Costa Rica mission trip. Which seems ages ago.
Here are the quick facts:
-Costa Rica was great! I completely loved the trip.
-Daisy's back was sore before I left, and she had a slight sneeze/cough. After so much time off, her back issue resolved itself completely the week I got back. I tried anti-histamines to illiminate the sneeze/cough issue as being allergies, and they actually worked!
-I got my own car and started my classes at the college in town, working toward an associate's in Business Administration (that's actually where I am right now... in class. I'm always early...)
-I made a new friend through trimming :) and went on a couple long rides on one of her mares to help her condition it for endurace riding. She trailered her personal endurance mare and the one I rode (which she leases out) to a state park and we had a blast. The mare's name is Dot, and she is part draft... so it was pretty incredible to ride her nine miles and have her want to continue! She competed endurance and clearly enjoys it despite her breeding. Pretty cool!
-This same person trailered Daisy an hour and a half away with her mare to a different state park. The park is massive (over 9,000 acres) and the day was a blast. Daisy absolutely loves going somewhere new, and she enjoyed her time there immeansly. Daisy had to load up on a step up, slant load trailer for the first time since I've owned her, and she was a really good girl.
-I've still been trimming Daisy myself, and am super pleased with how her hooves are doing. I get off while we ride regularly to check them, because they're super clean during a ride (all the wet grass and movement rubbing and cleaning them out) and I'm very happy with their condition, and she's been very sound on gravel (whoot!).
Yesterday my horse trailer finally got to town! We'd been waiting so long for the title and now it's here. It's at the trailer shop getting everything checked out. Soon enough I'll have it home and I'll put up a video tour :)


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