Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bird's Eye View

I went on a map site today and looked up our house! The first picture is what I got. The picture is at least 2 years old, because our garage isn't there yet, and neither is Daisy's barn. It's cool because you can actually follow our trail on the site, and look at our neighbor's houses (hehe...I'm not a spy, though) ;-). Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

The white car is my mom's car!!!

Oh, and it shouldn't say "woodshed" it should say "hay shed"...oops!
It's the shed we store Daisy's hay in.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Photos by my mom yesterday...

Fall is here. Last week (Wednesday) it snowed and, though the "in town" there was NO snow on the ground, we had 2 inches EVERYWHERE. Luckily it melted that day and the next. Now it's just kinda mushy on the ground. On Thursday I didn't ride Daisy because it was raining, on Friday I didn't ride because the farrier came and pulled Daisy's shoes for the winter (and you know what she did? She REARED AGAIN! I coulda' killed her. (I don't actually mean that). Normally she only reared when he'd hammer in the shoes, but she reared just because he was taking them off! TWICE! Once on each front hoof. The little brat.), and on Saturday I didn't ride because...*scratching head*...maybe I did ride? Anyway, either Saturday or Sunday I went out for a ride and rode on a road we don't normally go on. Since Daisy hadn't been ridden in 2 days, she was really hyper. I told her I thought she was a quarter horse, not an Arabian! lol. We were cantering at one point, and she saw a puddle, and she lept in the air! Not reared, just bounced up. It was funny. So then I had to tell her all the scary things a puddle can do (Daisy-Mae, it can eat you up! Oh my goodness, look at you go by it! You're so brave! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I can't believe we survived passing it! It's a miracle!, etc, etc) and we got by. Then we visited a few horses that we've never met. I think they're retired, because they are old and skinny-ish, and I never see someone ride them. Then we went home...

So that's all.

I just had to include those last two pictures of my "little man". Forgive me. :)

Oh my goodness. I just realized the pictures posted in the opposite order that I wanted them to :-/....well...look at them backwards now. :D

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures from My Friend

So, as I told you in the post below, my friend ILJ came and took pictures of Daisy and I while she was here, and she took pictures of me on her horse (pictures below). Then she edited them on picnik.com for me...this is her work! I absolutely love some of these. Especially the first one. That's my favorite, as cheezy as it is ;-). Thanks soooo much, I Love Jesus!!!!! :) I also really like the last one, original and edited. The edited one looks like a painting! It's cool...so thanks again!!!!

A Summer Memory

I actually started this post yesterday, but didn't get around to finishing it until now (sorry!)

Last summer, in August, I went and visited a friend I made through my blog. "I Love Jesus" (ILJ) found my blog through someone else's blog, and after leaving comments for a few weeks, she got my email through other people, and we became "Penpals"...kinda...ILJ lives 50 minutes away from me, and she came and visited me one Friday in August. She took the galloping video and side passing video and stuff...anyway, I went and visited HER the following Monday! I got to meet her ducks, her chickens, her dog (Beau!!!!!!!! She's training him to be a guiding eyes dog) and her (sister's) horse, Domino. He's up there^^! Isn't he cute? He's in his 20's, but he was soooo fun to ride. If I remember correctly, he had THE COOLEST trot and canter. Thanks SOOO much for having me ILJ! I hope we can get together again! Anyway, ILJ edited the top picture of Domino and I. I like it. Good job! Sooo, that's my post. I'll try to post quick tomorrow--I've got pictures of this weekend to share. :)

PS--post coming right after this one. Check it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quick Update

This is a picture my mom took of Daisy and I last summer that I absolutely LOVED to begin with. Anika changed it on picnik.com and I love it even more! Isn't it cool?!!

Okkkkkk, Lydia, who owns Stewy, made a blog. She'd love some new visitors! Check it out! http://stewylydia.blogspot.com

Daisy and I are doing good. hunting season started today (just bow hunting--deer) but that means we (meaning I) have to start talking really loud (meaning singing) while we (meaning I) ride and I (meaning I) lol have to wear an orange vest while I ride....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Tribute to Genevieve and Groenemeyer

One year ago, I think around the sixth of October, my mom came back from Germany and we went and got two new cats for the barn; a second try, after the first kitten died (got hunted or something). We tried REALLY hard with these new cats. We kept them inside the barn for I think 2 or 3 months-they never set a foot outside. That was hard work, locking them up so Daisy could come in, etc...then we let them out for the first time. Since then,(many animals including but not limited to chipmunks, moles, birds, frogs, etc, have been killed) every single night they have meandered back home to get their canned food and get locked up in the barn. Genevieve will normally be there first and then after about 20 minutes of on-and-off calling, Groenemeyer comes, too. They're the sweetest cats on the face of the Earth. The first two days that we had them, they hid underneath the tack room floor and wouldn't come out...well, Groenemeyer would come out for canned food, the little pig, but Genny was still afraid of us. She used to shake when you'd pick her up. Not anymore! She purrs just as much as her brother. They're both just a little over a year now, and I thank God for them everyday. They're so wonderful. Anyway, this is so cheesy, here are some pictures....recent and old...

In case you're interested, some old cat-posts:

The Barn Kittens
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Here are a couple from my mom's blog, too:

Curiosity Kills the Cat?
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Cats Play

There are more on my blog but I don't feel like finding them and you probably won't look anyway :-P lol.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ok, So It's Saturday

Ok, sorry I didn't get to posting until now :-P...

Sooo, the person Jean trains with happened to know Daisy's second owner because she gave lessons to the women on Daisy (They took dressage lessons...idk if the dressage worked out with Daisy, :-P)...Daisy's second owner lived across the street from Daisy's first owner, who had her as a foal. I got the number of Daisy's second owner from the trainer and through the second owner, I emailed with the first one! It's sooo cool, I found out a lot of stuff. The first owner rescued a mare named Dancin' Farm Girl, a registered AQH from an auction, and she was pregnant with Daisy (Dosie Doe). When Daisy was born, they contacted the person who owned Daisy's mother before and tried to get information about the sire. The man said that the sire's name was Condon's Perfection, and that he was a gray thoroughbred. However, Daisy's first owner researched and didn't find such a mare. To get more information, they would have had to pay the owner of the stallion, so they didn't find out anything else. Following me? So that means that Daisy's sire could be a thoroughbred. I wouldn't be surprised---she looks like a thoroughbred, in miniature. Wouldn't that be SOO cool?! :)
I think I will include some of the email here. Just parts of it:

Dosie was a spitfire as a foal. She would put her ears back and chase you ONLY when your back was turned from a very young age. Not so funny when she got older. She has always been a chestnut. She was trained by _______ and my younger daughter _____, who outgrew her. We started riding her when she was around 4. She went and stayed with (trainer) and (trainer's wife) for training with my daughter going up and riding her to learn the methods (trainer) was using. She has always liked to be alone and she has always needed to be worked everyday. Miserable when no time was spent with her.
Dosie has always been a bit of a hard case, personality wise. She always acted like she was disgruntled but we always felt like it was just an act. Dosie loved having one on one attention and was always happiest when she was being worked in some fashion. We always felt that she would do best in a one horse home.

Reading this was really interesting for me (and funny). It sounds just like Daisy is today. She still likes to be alone (She doesn't care about other horses :-P) but she doesn't like it when she isn't worked. Most horses that are ridden regularly get a day off each week, but I don't give Daisy "days off". She doesn't get worked hard every day, so I just ride her everyday, because I know she likes it. She is still a "hard case personality wise". She has her ears pinned back all the time, but I ignore it because I know it's just a habit. Maybe her sire did that, too?!

In any case, I really, really enjoyed hearing about Daisy as a foal. The first owner said she would send pictures of her as a foal as well, and I'm really hoping she'll get around to it. :)

Well, I'm off to the restaurant!


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