Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just an Update


I didn't get to go to the schooling yesterday. I would have been able to, but there was no one to trailer me :-/. My friend who trailered me last time had an appointment and wasn't going, and Jean's trailer was full, so no schooling for me :(. I do get to go to camp though...hopefully it'll be as fun as a schooling or two ;)

I went instead to my friend's county fair horse show today! :) That's her above, on Abel. They did a great job! I love going to shows of all kinds, of course.

Daisy has been a good girl...I rode her on the usual 5.2 mile block on...Tuesday I think, and towards the end we came down a street, a downhill and we came up to road construction...The road is bendy, and before we came around the corner I heard it already, and thought "Uh oh..." and tried to think of other ways to get home...but there was really no way except to go the 4+ miles back I forged on. :P Turned out to be two bulldozers and a roller. Of course, first we had to pass the parked-with-engine-running truck with the flashing lights on was all very fishy, you see. ;) Daisy was a good girl, though. She was nervous, I could tell, but she kept her cool and kept walking, one ear on the machinery and one on me. :)
It is tempting to get a horse like Ladd, (ok...Ladd. Just Ladd. Not a horse like him. HIM), but then I realize that he would never keep cool in a situation like that :P and I'm happy to have Daisy-Mae. :)

And so...Daisy and I await camp in 3 days :) (...and Daisy's birthday one week from today)

Until later,

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