Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Stage One:
The specimen consumes her midday snack.

Step Two:
Food (Hay) is digested, and-

Step Three:
What SHOULD happen-

Compared to what DOES happen!:

Slightly gross post, I know, but I always think about what COULD be if this shirt above came true! Think of the money saved! Instead I just get a lot of work shoveling manure....sigh

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kittens Video-I hope you aren't getting bored of these!

Well, here's ANOTHER video! I'm really sorry about these all, it's just easier. I made a video post last night, but it's taking too long to upload, so I took this "shorter" video this morning, and uploaded it...I hope you like it anyway! I know this is a horse blog, but the cats are a part of it, too....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tour of the Barn in Winter

Can you believe it?!? When I thought my computer hadn't uploaded this video onto YouTube right yesterday, it actually fully uploaded! Jeez, it's so confusing. Anyway, here's the video. FYI: When mentioned that the barn "didn't look as pretty anymore" or something like that, I said that because I was passing over a manure stain on the wall. Just don't want you to think that I don't like my barn, because I do!
Also, the kittens did get successfully fixed today, and they are doing well!
P.S. funny, in the video I "wondered how long you wanted to watch a film" and I was planning on stopping it then. Notice how it still goes for double the amount of time! :-)


...I tried to upload my video for (count um) 1 1/2 hours on You Tube and it didn't work. SO, I'll try to upload it again on regular blogger tomorrow. Sorry about that! Bye! Remember, there is a little post below...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daisy in the Snow

Just a picture I took of Daisy in the snow....I cropped it, so it might look a little funny...I only have Paint Shop for pictures, so....:-)
P.S. the kittens are getting fixed tomorrow!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Miss Daisy-Mae Goes Global

Well, I just wanted to let you all know, that I just got an email from a very prestigious museum manger in London, England. He sent me this pick to go along, with apologies that the people would not move because they were so in awe of the picture hung before them. Who is that horse pictured in the frame?!? OH! It's my Daisy! Yes, she is being shown all over the world in various museums at the moment as the most beautiful quarter horse ever pictured. Unfortunately, I didn't take that picture, my darling mother, Gudl, did. Thank you mom for taking such a gorgeous picture. People all over the world are now enjoying it. Maybe, on this day off, you should visit a museum, and see if you can spot this picture called, The Birds are Singing. Have fun!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snapple Facts-From some jokes

Nothing else to post, SO, here are some cool snapple facts! I love them, they're so interesting to read!:
  1. Mount Everest rises a few millimeters every year
  2. The Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 sandal. :-)
  3. Snails can sleep up to 3 years! (that sounds WONDERFUL!)
  4. On average, you'll spend a year of your life looking for misplaced objects
  5. The last letter to be added to our alphabet was "J"
  6. Cold water weighs less then hot water
  7. Bamboo can grow 3 feet in just one day!
  8. Butterflies were known formally by the name "Flutterby"
  9. The tallest man was 8 feet, 11 inches
  10. Oysters can change gender back and forth
  11. Strawberry's contain more vitamin C then oranges
  12. The bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps
  13. Children grow faster in the spring
    1. Starfish have no brains (no wonder Patrick from Spongebob is so dumb...That explains everything!)
Now for some links to jokes from funny, take a look!):

That's it. I'll try to post something horsey this weekend! No school on Monday, because of Martin Luther King Day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, and the "You Make My Day" Award!

I have things to cover quickly today! First, I want to wish my cousin, Anika, a very Happy Birthday, on this very special day! (well, special day tomorrow). Hope you have a great year!

Second, I'd like to thank Wanda for giving me the "You Make My Day Award". That was very nice of you! It made MY day to get it! :-) I will pass the award onto.....Anika, because it's her birthday! And (can I pick two people?!?) my other cousin, Pedi, because it's nice to see pictures of my new baby cousin, Jona, and to hear and see more about Germany, and keep updated that way. Guys, you make my day!

The last picture was taken by Anika last summer, in August. It's a blog about Daisy, so I thought I'd post that picture. Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Updates on Red Gate Ranch

Hello! Sorry I never got around to posting last weekend...Busy...
Well, something very important happened last Saturday! Genenvieve (I'm guessing) caught her first animal! I came in the clean the stall on Saturday and, there it was, a mole! Believe me, they're very cute, and I don't mind rodents, and I feel bad for it and all, but this is a big step in Genevieve's life, into becoming a real cat! It could have been Gronemeyer, but, to put it frankly, he's better and sitting and eating, and being dumb, and cute, and lazy, that I don't think he would catch a mole. He'd be a better indoor cat, Genenvieve has a more hunting-outdoor-sey personality. This morning I went in to feed (at 5:40 am) and I was passing by Daisy while she ate her hay to fill her water, and I asked her to move over so I could get by. The problem was, the little girl kitty was sitting there, and when I asked Daisy to move Genny thought the horse would step on her! She sprang (literally) onto Daisy's hoof and starting hissing and biting it! She tried to take on the big 900 pound animal! Daisy was startled, but then just let her keep biting and hissing! I yelled at the cat, and she ran away, but MAN, it was crazy! She was out of control!
Do you know that every 2 months a horse has to be dewormed? Probably not. Well, they have to be. Horse's are very prone to getting worms and if they get them they can get VERY sick, and if it's not treated, they can die. So, you buy this stuff called de-wormer. Pictured above are the three kinds I use. You have to rotate the kinds you use between those three so that the worms and stuff don't become immune to them. (Pictures compliments of google, picture cropping and editing done by moi) It's a syringe (Strongid pic. and Equimax show it) that's filled with the dewormer paste, that tastes bad. Horses can smell it and know when it's coming. I take Daisy by the halter and lead rope and put my finger in the side of her mouth where there are no teeth and run my finger over the roof of her mouth a few times so that she starts opening and closing it a little. Then I quickly take my hand out and plunge the plunger in and squirt it in. Normally I miss a little and get it on the side of her mouth, but I did safeguard on Friday, and I didn't miss! It was perfect! So, Daisy will now be healthy for the next 2 months!
Just an update. Hope this post wasn't too boring (and uninteresting)! Have a great week!
P.S.-If you have the time, maybe you'd like to check out Allen's and Sam's blogs! They have some pretty good posts today.....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Me and Daisy Jumping-Revised

Here is a revised video of Daisy and I jumping (compared to the one from this summer, :)). This week has been very mild, so we had a few days to really ride, and jump again! We don't look the greatest, considering we don't really have an open area to jump, and we aren't using a saddle ;-), and we haven't jumped since summer, and I don't know how to jump correctly, but I thought it's good enough to fulfill all your wonderings of whats going on with me. I hope to post again this weekend, so check back. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kittens and Chickens

Hello! I'm pretty amazing, huh, to post 3 days in a row?! Don't get used to it, :-).
I took these pictures a few days ago, and I decided to post them. The top two pictures are of Genenvieve playing with the string on my summer fly bonnet for riding. She sees it a lot and starts swinging it around a playing with it. The kittens are so good. I came out of the house last night to go and feed them all dinner, and I called Gronemeyer's name once, and he came BOUNDING full speed through the snow until he was at my feet, and the minute I picked him up he started purring really loud! He's really love-able. The next pictures are of him in his perch. Yes, he climbs into the top of the wall of the barn and the ceiling, and sits there, and watches. Sometimes he'll let himself slide straight down the wall onto the ground! Or he'll climb up the corner walls of the barn, on the outside, and enter the barn through the roof. He says, "Never mind the door, I'll take a shortcut!", which isn't really that short. So you walk up to the barn and see him watching you from the roof!
I just put the chicken picture in because I thought it might be nice. I happened to go to the coop with the camera, so I took some pictures, and that's one of them. The black chicken in the front is Speedy, because when he was a chick you could never catch him (you still can't). The white one is Bibbi, she's the "mother of the eggs" (she tries to hatch babies, ;-)), The red one next to her is my Lilly, the most friendly, and kind chicken. I like the name Lilly, so I named her that. She had really cute colorings as a chick. The big gold chicken on the roost is Power Puff Girl (strange name, I know, but she has puffs on her cheeks, and she's a girl, so....), and the chicken behind her is Redhead, because Redhead has a red head (duh!).
So, that's it, just a little post. I'm running out of posts now, it'll be a couple days until I post again. I'm off to church now! Have a good week!

One Must Have Loyal Workers

My apologies, this post is a little long (and probably boring).

Strange title, I know. I'm not really sure why I named it that, but oh well. Anyway, would you like good news or bad first? Bad? Save the best for last? Ok, bad. Well, about last Monday or Sunday, I was cleaning the stall, minding my own business. Actually, I had already cleaned, and I was just sweeping the back area of the stall where Daisy eats, and, just as I was sweeping, I patted the broom an to the ground to get rid of dust and *Smack*, it broke in half! JUST LIKE THAT! It ditched me, took it's last breath, and died, leaving me with an unbalanced broom, and a new water bucket cleaning brush. He was a loyal worker, 'till he decided to die out on me.
The second passing on of life was Daisy's fault. See, on November 28 (according to our receipt) we bought a big, 16 gallon water trough, that you could plug into the wall to keep the water in it from freezing. It worked well until last Monday or Tuesday, when Daisy just HAD to itch her big behind on the rim of it, and SOMEHOW, I don't know how, she got her entire hoof into it, and made a big hole in it, breaking it forever. All I can say is, "Good going, Daisy". Really, it wasn't very good, because the bucket had not been cheap. We tried to return it at Country Max, but they wouldn't take it. SO, I got a regular, 5 gallon to hang on the wall, same thing as before, but smaller, and cheaper. I'm happy with it, because I like that it hangs on the wall ;-). So, that's my new loyal worker, replacing the old one.
Next worker, and probably the most important one: Mr. Michael Wheelbarrow. Yes, I named my wheelbarrow. One can get a little bored while cleaning a stall, so I decided to name him Michael (nothing to do with my brother, Michael). It is a very skilled wheelbarrow. It can carry two bales of hay at a time, three, sometimes four, bags of shavings, manure (that's a humble thing to do, I have to say), salt blocks, and bags of feed, plus more, I'm sure. It's a very loyal wheelbarrow.
THEN there's my pitchfork and shovel, also very important.
I put the bag of shavings up just for fun. That is the not so loyal bag of shavings. You see, we get our shavings at Country Max (as everything else) and they sell two brands: the brand pictured, and a clear plastic bagged one. The one in the picture is the bad one, because, at least, when I used it in the summer, it was REALLY dusty! It got the ENTIRE stall in a huge cloud of dust, and it wasn't even worth it, because it isn't very absorbent. The clear bag kind is better, because there's no dust, and it absorbs well, and smells good.
So, those are my workers, loyal and not-loyal, that either make taking care of a horse easier or harder. Sorry, this is just something I thought might be kind of interesting, but maybe it wasn't. Anyway, I will post again either tomorrow or Monday, a post about the kittens. Have a good weekend!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Trotting Sidepass

This is a video of Daisy and I yesterday, Thursday the third, trotting up the driveway. I've always like side passing, where the horse walks sideways :p, and this summer I tried to get Daisy to side pass. I think she knew how to do it, she just forgot. It took awhile, but now I can trot her sideways pretty well. Enjoy!
P.S. Come back soon, I will post again this weekend!


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