Monday, August 2, 2010

Magazine Recommendations Anyone?

Any magazine recommendations for riders out there? I currently get EQUUS and had been getting Young Rider but I'm not going to renew...I'm looking at Horse & Rider, and Practical Horseman...any suggestions? Which is 'better' (and what do you ride to effect that opinion; English or Western?)?

Thanks very much :),


Michaela said...

I have read Horse Illustrated for years now and I like it because it touches on english, western, and medical/first aid stuff. It has a little bit of everything. It also comes with a free poster every month. I used to get Equus but it kinda bored be because it was all sciencey medical stuff. Me + big words = major fail. I also get Pracical Horseman because it is strictly english, which I prefer. My favorite columns are the conformation clinic and the George Morris jumping critique. I actually got a package deal on them. A one year subscription for both was $30 rather than $25 each. I forgot where I found it but if you look around I'm sure you'll find it.

Bella said...

I get Practical Horseman. It has a lot of good exercises that I've used myself that have helped me (if you ever have trouble with leads I have an AMAZING exercise for that) and great advice that I can use in the future and present day. I can loan you the most recent issue if you want to check it out before subscribing. :)


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