Thursday, May 22, 2008

WHOO HOO, 101ST Post!--Sing We and Chant It

This was taken last night by my mom at a concert of mine. The people singing in this video, including me, are seventh and eight graders, a girl's chorale and boy's ensamble combined. The song was written in 1595 by Thomas Morley. Enjoy!

5:59 am

Monday, May 19, 2008

And Here are the Promised Pictures

Well, here are the promised pictures from the post below this one! The white appaloosa is Shania-she's pretty cool ;-), with Stephanie riding. And, of course, Daisy and I... I think Daisy really enjoyed being with another horse for a change...Even if she did pin her ears whenever Shania came over! :D....she was also exhausted when we got back! I normally ride her 40 to 50 min. a day, and we rode about an hour and a half! But it was fun...just wanted to share the pics! Have a wonderful week everyone, and think of us if it's warm near you because here it's only 50 degrees! :D

8:41 PM

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Pleasant Saturday...

Hello! This post will be a little confusing.....the pictures are totally out of the order I want them in, but we'll make do. Anyway, yesterday (Saturday) was pleasant!, I sound so extremely cheesy. Starting with the 6th picture from the top, where Daisy is eating hay, those are the pictures I took yesterday morning. The sun was shining and it was so pretty really can't capture it on camera. The picture of Daisy grazing was taken yesterday afternoon. We rotate her between 4 grass paddocks, and we let her go in that one for the first time yesterday, so she was really happy. Now, the first pictures of the cat were taken at the same time as the picture of Daisy eating grass. We are opening a German restaurant this summer, and we have to grow hops for decorating the outside seating. My dad was putting rope on the side of our house so the hops can grow up it. Well, cat's LOVE string, and our cats thought that big thing of string was awesome! It was so funny to watch them play with it. The fourth one down shows Groenemeyer with the string-he crouched and bolted into the bundle, and then he ran away trailing it! The other one is just Genevieve playing and sitting on our bird feeder, watching the action.

I also had a very nice ride yesterday morning with Stephanie and her Appaloosa mare, Shania. We went riding on my road and my trail and her trail, and it was a lot of fun, and both horses liked to see another of their kind! More pictures of that will come later, in another post.

7:53 AM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Walk

Happy Mother's Day, for those of you who didn't see my post below!

Today, in honor of Mother's day, we went all together (Mom, Dad, my brother Mike, our dog Abby, and me riding Daisy) for a walk in the woods....that's what the second and third pictures are of. My dad hunts deer in the fall and he went in his stand in the tree and took them, my mom, Gudl, took the rest. The first photo is of Daisy and I on a hill by our driveway....My face is a little blurry, but do you see Daisy well...see her ribs? Lately she's been thinner then usual, so we bought her mineral and vitamin pellets from Manna Pro company (click here to see what we bought) that I mix into her food now. We also feed her more, and I dewormed her last Monday, in case she had/has worms. She's a lot thinner then she normally is...hopefully she'll pick up her weight soon---I'm sure she will. Last week, when I dewormed her, I saved the tube and today I filled it with applesauce and gave it to her. She seemed to like it (a lot more then real dewormer!). Apparently if I do that a lot, she'll be easier to deworm when I really do it because she'll think it's a treat.

The last pictures are of the cats--they seem to just love our lawn chair mattress! (so do I!) I have to lock them in a cage when I go riding now because they {are so loyal and} follow me down the driveway and then don't come home...or, she comes home and mopes around because he's gone. Normally I wouldn't mind that he's gone, but I feel bad because she doesn't seem to know what to do with herself, so I walk down the driveway, call him, find him, and carry him home....

Anyway, hope I don't bore you guys! Have a wonderful week!

P.S....because of blogger's new 'scheduled post' thing I won't change the time on my posts to what it really is, because for some reason it won't post after that.....just saying this so you know my times aren't right. Right now it's 6:40 PM. :D

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Slide Show of a Spring Day

Hello! Just a quick post, I made a slide of the last few days, because there were so many nice pictures...sorry I haven't posted! I hope you enjoy the slide show! The weather has been beautiful...

To see captions on pictures, put your mouse over a picture, read the caption, and take your mouse off to make it move again. You can make the pictures scroll faster by clicking the + on the side of the slide. :D

Have a nice week!


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