Monday, September 29, 2008

Trail Ride Video

For those of you who haven't watched if off youtube yet...the trailride video, taken last week at Jean's.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Game Show


These pictures were taken yesterday by my mom at the horse show. You can see more at her blog at

The others were taken last Sunday at the open show during the trail class. Photos by Jean's sister...I LOVE the picture of us going over the jump. :)

Yesterday I was surprised and happy to see my old riding teacher, Dana, at the show with her daughter Amberlea who was showing and her husband and new baby, Chase. I took lessons at Dana's for 8 years starting when I was 4 years old and the first pony I rode there and the pony I started lessons on (and rode for years--not regularly, but probably once a year minimum) was Sunshine aka, Sunny. And GUESS WHO WAS AT THE SHOW!? Sunny!!! He's now being ridden by Amber, who is 5, and Amber rode him in the walk/trot division yesterday. She was great! It was so cute to see her bouncin' up and down to Sunny's choppy little trot, and she maneuvered the courses really well. So cute to watch. I will always remember those years riding at Dana's and remember Sunny. He's a wonderful little pony.

Lydia (who rides with me, from and older post, owns Stewy) came as well! I don't have a picture of her (:-/) but thanks for coming, that was really nice of you!

They have "lead line" classes for kids who don't know how to ride. They just sit on the horse and hold the reins while another person leads the horse around the course. One of our 4H group members did lead line on Bella and Jean led her around the course. She didn't want to do lead line when she came because we didn't know that she'd be able to do it, so when we asked if she wanted to she said "no". However, we got her to do it and she ended up getting Grand Champion in the lead linedivision! Imagine the surprise--Mrs. I-don't-want-to got a trophy! She ended up loving it and she was very happy with her trophy (Jeez, I should do lead line!). Jean's son, Levi, came toward the end of the show and I ended up doing lead line with him! He doesn't really ride and only likes western, so he wanted to ride Daisy. The stirrups didn't even fit him (he's 7) but he rode anyway, and I ran him and Daisy around the pole bending course (we didn't go off course :-P). My running paid off--Levi got 5th place! A ribbon! YEY for him! :) It was really fun and when asked if he wanted to do lead line on Daisy or Bella next year he said "Daisy" in a "duh"sorta way. :) Yey! Daisy's such a sweet girl. She may not be a fast barrel racer (Something I have come to terms with during the show yesterday--I realized, I mean) and she may not be a western pleasure horse, but she's all-around wonderful. She seems so mean on the ground, but really, she loves attention. You should have seen her a few days ago at the barn--she had I think 5 or 6 people and kids around her, petting her, and she was really quiet. Good girl.

Anyway, I'll try to post on Tuesday...I've got interesting news! But it'll have to wait. :)

Saturday Game Show

Sooo, the show yesterday was started with keyhole. We didn't do so well in that because Daisy wouldn't turn fast enough...once I'm at Jean's again with her this winter we're going to work on Daisy using her hind end more because she uses her front legs more...anyway, the competition was crazy there. Most horses were flipping out when they got in the ring and they were insanely fast through the courses...I knew we wouldn't really win, but we had fun anyway! Cloverleaf went ok, but it wasn't that great...for the Can race (first video) we got 4th place because a lot of people passed the cans and didn't knock them down and you weren't allowed to go back...we got 4th place! I'd say 10 people total were entered in my division, so that was pretty good. Then we did ribbon race (2nd video). I was paired up with a girl named Jamie who was borrowing someone's horse for the show. She had never ridden the went well, as you can see! I think that was one of the most fun runs. We got 2nd place! Most people went SOO fast their ribbons broke or they let go or they didn't finish through the cones...we were good, though! The last class (no video) was command class. It was combined with walk/trot, junior, and senior classes, so I think there were MINIMUM of 20 horses in the ring. Daisy and I got down the the last 2! But then someone called out a complaint about counter cantering or something, and the announced went into a spiel about how all day people had complained and that the show as volunteer based and that they should try to plan a show so in the middle of the class they stopped the whole show they were so mad. Both Daisy and I and the other pair we were against got 1st place (tied) so I got a blue ribbon...that was nice to see because there were SOO many people in the ring and last weekend when we did command we only to was great! AND the ribbons (4th, 2nd, and 1st) added up to Red, White, and Blue! :-P...

I'll post more pictures this afternoon when I get them from Jean's mom.....but right now this is an overview...Stay tuned for more!

9:43 AM

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jumping Miss Daisy

On Tuesday Jean gave me (and her son Oliver) a GREAT lesson! We did jumping, and I've jumped Daisy at home, but I've never actually payed attention to what my form was like and how Daisy was's us jumping! It was just a small cross rail, but it's a start! It was really fun. Too bad I'll be bringing Daisy home next week! We'll be going back to normal , messy jumping :-P.

Oliver just started cantering and he's already jumping! He's doin' good. :D

Oh, and also, I made a memoir pertaining to Daisy for English class. Check it out on my writing blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trail Ride and No Name

So, on Monday after I round penned Daisy I took a trail ride bareback through the woods...I may post a video from that later. These are some pictures I took...

I don't think/know others that others think so, but I love black and white pictures. They are just so regal looking and cool...I love them. I LOVE this picture I took of Daisy on the ride...I think she looks absolutely beautiful! What do you think?

This is a new little Pony of America pony that Jean got on Monday for lessons...he is I think 17...his name is Dill Pickles...well, no one really likes that name and he's too cute to have a name like that! So he needs a new name. We thought about Benny, but I think it's too boring for him...I think Danny would fit him, but *others* :-P don't agree, lol...I'm enlisting your help. Any ideas for this cute little boy?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Roundpenning Miss Daisy

Soooo, I took this "three part video series" today (lol, that sounds funny) of me round penning Daisy--I, in any case, find it interesting to round pen. I want to add to what I said in the videos--you drive the horse away from you so that it has to respect you and eventually wants to stop having to run from you and submit to you and be with you in the middle--your goal is to get your horse there. I find it such an awesome experience because (I couldn't do it that well in the video) after you see your horse submitting, you drop the whip on the ground and turn away from the horse. Sometimes they may stand there and not come, so then you just cluck a little and they should come and stand with their head "hovering" over your shoulder. Then you should be able to back up and say "back" and the horse will back with you. Jog or walk around and they'll follow--if you have round pen, try it, it's really cool, any horse will do it, it's a natural yeah...there's my video. Taken at Jean's today.(ohh, and for you teenagers out there who have read "Heartland" (the book series) or Chestnut Hill, this is what they call a "join up" in the books...I guess that's what I should call it)

9:40 PM

"Today's" Show--PART 2

Ok, so where I left off yesterday:

The whole trail class was taped, and although when I came out I thought it was kind of rushed and messy, I was told it wasn't (lol) and I ended up with 3 place! I'm really happy with that because Daisy and I got past the "scary" leafy, box-shaped thing and the gate and those were pretty scary for a horse.

Next was Western Pleasure and Stock Seat Equitation, which is pretty much western equitation. These classes...well...there was a lot of competition. There was in the trail class as well, even more then ever because it was western and english combined, but I'd say that in the pleasure class there were at least 12 other entrants, if not more. These days, the "style" of pleasure horse is (no offense) the horse that moves soooo slow at the trot that you think any minute it's going to start walking, and it's head is hanging looowwww on the ground, and when they canter it's really, really slow. Daisy is not like that. Her trot, I must say, is quite nice--slow, but energetic and high-stepping and nice. Her canter, however (at least yesterday) was quite energetic as well, too energetic, and she doesn't carry her head low. It kind of bugs me that that is the way western horses are "supposed" to be these days--I think (personally) it should be more lively. Anyway, Daisy didn't stand a chance against those (again, no offense to people) half asleep horses, and we didn't place at all in those two classes. But Daisy isn't built for that and I'm glad - the horse I ride is lively and fun and good at other things--like barrel racing (There's a barrel show this weekend! YEY!!!!!!!!!)

The last show was a command was ok...we got 6th place (they only ribbon up to 6th)...Daisy was really hard to stop, so that's why we weren't better...overall she was curious and excited about everything that day, so it didn't go quite as smooth as it could have, but I'm tremendously happy with the trail class, so it was worth it. My little mare is wonderful in any case.

Jean's sister did take pictures of us doing the trail class (YES!) and got an amazing picture of us going over the log jump, so hopefully I can get those pictures within this week and post them. :D

Thank you for all your kind comments everyone! I read every single one of them, even if I don't always answer (right away)! Thanks for them!

8:44 PM

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today's Show

Sooo, today was an open show from a nearby saddle was held about 1/2 an hour away from our town, and this morning Jean trailered Bella, her son, Oliver's morgan mare, and Daisy to the showgrounds...the morning started with english classes, and western in the afternoon...Oliver rode all morning and Daisy was in the trailer...the grounds are very nice...the space isn't very big, but it's the perfect layout--there is a place for lots of trailers to park (But the area doesn't seem that big, but it fits a lot) and a nice, BIG outdoor sand ring that's (I think someone guessed to be) 100 ft X 300 ft....big enough so that they can also host team penning (cow herding, or w/e) events...anyway, Oliver did very well riding (his pic is the first one) and then I rode...those other horse pictures are just cute horses around our trailer...

I rode first in a trail class for western/english combined. First you had to open the gate to the ring, come in, close it, and the walk over some poles. The poles were really just thin, dead trees that were kinda piled on top of each other--overlapping-not straight-that you had to walk over. That went fine. Then they had a small box set up that was made of poles normally used for pole bending (standing upright). The poles were covered in leaves, branches, and corn stalks. You had to walk into the box, and back out again. Then you had to canter up to a log on the ground and get over it somehow, at any speed. Then you had to halt, then walk over a bridge (which was kind of big-it started about a 1/4 foot high, then got higher, and lower again...a lot of horses spooked at it) then you turned, cantered back to the log, emergency dismounted, got back on, and hand galloped (Controlled galloped) to the gate. It took 3 TRIES to get Daisy to the gate--never mind that we do gates all the time at home :-P..she was afraid of the cow shute next to the gate. The poles went fine, and even the weird backing box thing was ok--even though it was intimidating. We jumped the pole (in a western saddle! ;-)) and after pulling hard on the reins I halted Daisy, then walked her over the bridge, which we had practiced beforehand. We cantered to the log, I (literally) jumped off really fast, got back on, and we "hand galloped" to the gate--not easy on the overexcited horse.

I will share the rest tomorrow....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Because I've been working for fun at our family's new restaurant, I've spent some money that I've earned. I ordered this saddle pad for my western saddle, because it is baby blue (in the picture) and baby blue is Daisy's show color.

I also ordered this blanket for winter, because it was on sale for $100 off and when I board Daisy at Jean's for a few months this winter she will need a blanket.

Unfortunately, I just opened the box and found this color pad. Green. and tan...I'm kinda disappointed--I was excited that I'd have the blue pad in for the western show I'm in this weekend (Actually, Jean is picking Daisy up in half and hour to take her to her house, where I will board Daisy for the week) and now I get this green pad...granted, I guess I should have realized when it said "assorted colors" and when I wasn't allowed to choose the color that I would get any random color, but still...I guess I will send it back. I will be doing a western pleasure type of show on Sunday and then the Saturday after that I will be doing pole bending/barrel racing/etc, so maybe if I send the saddle pad back now I can get a new one in time for the Saturday show...if not, I'm going with my ugly gray one :-/...this stinks...

Luckily I didn't care what color the blanket is. It's navy blue with green straps--it's ok. I'm not going to open it-I'm saving it for winter.

So that's all I have to say...the farrier came today...Daisy reared twice on her first front hoof, but I got mad at her and the rest of the time I said "Whoa" and "Stand" over and over and over again and she was ok...then on the last (front) hoof she reared again so we had to give her hay in a bucket....she actually hit the ceiling the last time the farrier will just take her shoes off completely for winter, so I'm glad--I don't have to deal with her rearing until next spring :-P...

Ok, thanks for listening to me complain.

6:09 PM

Monday, September 15, 2008

Stewy and Lydia

So, I finally have someone to ride with! This year I met Lydia at a Country Max store after seeing her at a 4H meeting thing, and we found out we live just streets away! We have been riding with each other every Saturday now. Unfortunately, we can only do Saturdays because she takes tennis on the other days after school and I can only ride between 2:30 or whenever I get home and just after 4 when my mom leaves for the restaurant. Anyway, Lydia has a cute, 6 year old Quarter Horse gelding named Stewy! Isn't he a cutie?! I think so! Last week we couldn't ride on Saturday because it was foggy all day, but this past Saturday we rode together! I met her on a shortcut that goes from the farm she boards at to the road that connects to my road, and we rode to my house. Then we went on our trail, got in some pictures, offered Stewy water (of course, he didn't want it, lol) and then I went and "dropped" Lydia off at the shortcut again (Stewy isn't familiar with the road enough for Lydia to ride him home alone) and I rode home. For me it was a LONG ride! Back and forth and back and forth! Altogether it was a 2 hour ride. It was good for Daisy though, who was having a problem at the beginning of the week with not listening because she had way too much energy. She was better after that long ride! :)

Probably this Sunday we will be going to an open show to do western classes (western pleasure/equitation/horsemanship/trail classes) and definitely the Saturday after we are showing in a gaming show (barrels and poles)...I'm really excited! I ordered a new saddle pad for my western saddle and a new helmet (I saved money) and I'm really hoping I'll get them in time for the show! :)

Don't expect a post for a few days... :-/
I only just got to posting--I spent the last hour or more on an essay for Social Studies...look for it on my writing blog here if you want.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catch Up

Sorry it took so long to post! I can't believe how busy I am already with school! (And Daisy, and Bible study, and the restaurant, etc)...this is just a cute pic of Abby and Genevieve...they lay on the porch together. :)

Daisy scared me by getting bot eggs on her. A bot fly lays the eggs, and they itch the horse so they bite them off, and then the eggs get inside the horse and hatch, and the larva (I think) eats at the inside of the horse, eventually dies, and then is discarded through the, very bad.

See? All over her leg! I picked them off, though, but it was hard!

Dead bird the cats killed :-('s so pretty, even if it's dead...I hope you don't think I'm looks like it's stuffed...

My baby-Genny!! She's the most loyal cat I've ever known...she's m'girl.

Slightly blurry, funny picture.

Obviously I hadn't groomed her yet...haha.

A lot of fog last Saturday morning (Not the Saturday yesterday, but last week)...kept me from going riding with my friend Lydia :-(...I'll tell you all about that tomorrow!!!

This was taken from the could barely see the coop.

Grazing by the coop.

The barn at night.

My silly boy climbed a tree one afternoon...

^I LOVE this picture, it's so funny! ^ He's so cute, too.

Genny on the canvas covering our woodpile...she sleeps there a lot.

In the pic, huh? That's a sled behind her :-P.

What's so interesting about this picture?! Daisy is eating grass in the laneway along the driveway. Normally she won't eat there--clover isn't good enough for her. She normally waits at the gate. I spent a sweaty afternoon this summer mowing that stretch by hand--ow...back and forth and back and forth...I'm glad she ate there now. Picture taken from above--on my parent's patio.

And, last but not least, our fat indoor cat, Freckles. She decided to cuddle up with the paper clips. Silly girl!

Isn't she funny looking? She's very sweet and loving though. She's fun.

Today was in the 90's, and now it's raining and windy...I took this photo this evening in black and white mode...I love taking pictures of trees against the sky. I don't know why, but I do.

I'll try to post pictures of Lydia and her QH, Stewy, tomorrow!!! :)

I won't be able to post as often now that I have school, sorry! :-(

10:00 PM

Friday, September 5, 2008

"I ♥ Your Blog" Award!

Guess what? I was awarded with the "I love your blog" Award from Farmgirl over at "On the Way to Critter Farm" and I love it! Thanks so much for the award!

I'm going to pass it on to some of my favorite bloggers now...Its hard, because I have at least 15 blogs that I read regularly and enjoy, but I have to choose some of you out of the bunch, so if you don't get an award, you still deserve one!

Ok, first I'll pick...

Sarah has two blogs that I enjoy, Training My Filly Valentine, "Valley" where she writes about (get this) training her 2 year old filly, Valley, and her other blog, The Thought of the Spirit, where she just writes about her's all very interesting. You totally deserve the award, Sarah!

Next up...

True, she has many other awards, including this one, so Twinville, you don't have to pass it on if you don't want to :-P....I just love her blog, Laughing Orca Ranch because it's just really fun and I love hearing about all her animals, and she's always so kind. :)

Now....well...I'd like to award other people, but most people already have this award, or lots of other ones, so although they deserve it, it might just be a bother....

Soooo, that's all the awarding I'm doing today. Thanks again SOO much for the award! You all deserve an award if you read my blog! :-P

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Last Day of Summer

Summer is coming to an end today...tomorrow is the first day of...the first day of...the first of, ready, here, I'm gonna say it---SCHOOL. :-(...summer is over...summer is over...summer is over... :-(....

I'm just sharing a few last snippets of the last week of summer...I went to an event with Jean over the weekend...a jumping after-dressage yea...she got 4th...

Then there's the pic of clean Bibbi...who isn't clean anymore today, she cracked an egg under herself again and her chest is all yolk-y again...ew...then there's Genevieve, soaking up the sun...

I've started riding with a girl who I met at the fair--she has her horse just a few streets away, so yesterday morning and this morning we went riding...our restaurant opened yesterday, the Rheinblick...I worked there--I did dishes and dried stuff and was SOOO fun! Check out more on my mom's blog here.

So comes school. :-(...

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