Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nothing New to Report . . .

This morning, as I came out to give Daisy a flake of hay.

Our days are pretty monotonous, and so I have trouble finding something new and exciting to share. I brought Daisy home on Thursday, and she will probably be home for good now. (Until May, when I go to Canada for my trimmer courses). 
She's such a typical mare. On Thursday when she came home, she was chipper on the ride. Once she was home, loose in her paddock and stall, she gave me the nastiest look she could possibly pull every time I came near her. Then yesterday evening I came in to give her her last flake of hay around 8pm, and she was sweet and kind and huggable and kissable. 
Yesterday's ride with her was interesting. It was a bit windy, and she was more energetic than I had expected. We rode 3.7 miles. She was fighting me when I tried to slow her at the canter, which hasn't happened in a long time. She is the energizer bunny for sure.

Today we're experiencing high winds, so our ride was limited to a short ten minute bareback jaunt down the driveway. 

My chivalrous barn cat, Gr├Ânemeyer.

Onwards and upwards as usual,


Bella said...

Hope you're having fun riding! I can't wait to start up again after the musical this weekend! It's so close! I'm going to be sad when it's all over though. :(

Ruth said...

Mares attitudes can be so confusing sometimes. Daisy is such a pretty mare :)


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