Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(Not Quite So) Wordless Wednesday

The woman who ended up being Daisy and my driving instructor posted these photos from County Fair to facebook a couple weeks ago. They were taken at the open game show following my 4H shows.

The photos where I'm riding bareback were taken during the first event of the show, Sit-a-Buck, where riders sit on a piece of paper and whoever holds the paper there longest, wins. 

You have to sit deep, hence my terrible posture ;). Daisy and I have always placed in the top two or three.

In this particular class, we were placed second. It was a bit unfair because the person I was riding against didn't canter any faster when they said hand gallop, so she should have been disqualified, but.... life's unfair. ;) 

Below you can see Daisy's canter command for when I ride bareback... in the beginning, I always grabbed her mane to stay balanced as she transitioned into the canter, and now she knows when I grab her mane that we're going to canter... no other aid needed.
The rest are from pole bending.

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Ruth said...

Awesome photos!! You guys look great.


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