Friday, March 9, 2012

Abominable Colic

I actually looked on to see what word I could use to describe the colic Daisy has been experiencing for the last soon-to-be 48 hours. The initial word that came to mind was "evil". 

On Wednesday I took Daisy for a long ride, because it was absolutely beautiful out. Afterward, I gave a riding lesson on her--which was 90% walking, with a few trot steps. 

Thursday morning, I awoke and my mother informed me that Daisy was outside rolling. Followed by pawing. My heart sank.

I hate colic. With a passion. I rarely use the word "hate" but for once, I am. Because that's how I feel.

I walked Daisy on and off for many hours. When she was loose in her stall, after awhile of standing there looking pained and shifting weight from one hind leg to the other, she would resort to pawing, followed by attempting to roll, which I wouldn't allow, so she would move to kicking at her stomach and going to her half-door and pawing at it violently, until I could finally get close enough to clip a lead on her and walk her more. I squirted vinegar in her mouth, because in the past, the vinegar helping her stomach digest helped us avert colic. If I hadn't been so dumb and lazy, perhaps I would have just put vinegar in her water regularly when she came home last week and therefore avoided this. I don't know.
  I called the vet, gave her banamine, and waited until it kicked in. Before I gave her the banamine, she already seemed to be doing a bit better; I wonder if the vinegar helped. I provided a bucket of luke-warm water from the house, with juice in it attempt to placate her. Over the course of the day, once the banamine kicked in, she ended up drinking around 5 gallons. She seemed to be her normal self mostly, everything was 'functioning' and her attitude seemed improved. I gave her another 'dose' of vinegar in the evening.
I got up at 3am Friday morning to check on her, since the banamine had worn off by then. She seemed fine, so I tossed her some hay (I'd been giving her small handfuls all day once she had the banamine; it only amounted to two small flakes). I got up at 7am and gave her half of her normal grain (so 1/4 quart) and another handful of hay. I went back to bed, and when I awoke at 9:15 she was at it again. More walking, though not as much as yesterday, more apple cider vinegar, more banamine. The banamine didn't seem to help as much today as yesterday. She didn't paw and roll, but she lay down sleeping often and seemed distant. Over the course of today, she's only drank about a half gallon of water. This makes me very worried, and makes my heart ache.

I just went and gave her another dose of banamine, at 11:20pm. This was my last dose, so unless she makes a miraculous recovery by tomorrow morning (I have faith), the vet will come out.

I'm hoping and praying that this will pass very soon.


Sand. said...

: ( So sorry Daisy isn't feeling well! Prayers and hope with you both that she perks up this morning and is back to her usual self.

Ruth said...

Poor Daisy!! I hope she's feeling better soon.


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