Thursday, October 6, 2011

Still Playin' Catch-Up

In August at one pony club lesson, Lyd took some great pictures. 
 The one below is of a 2'7" vertical. I was so proud of Daisy!
 Pony Club was an interesting experience this year. While I did think some rules and such were over-the-top, I'm glad I did it. For one thing, it was very cool to have weekly English lessons; I've never taken regular English lessons, and it gave me stuff to work on. 
 For another, it made me realize that Daisy can in fact jump stadium-style jumps, and isn't too shabby either. We had fun! Our biggest issue is both of us trying to rush as we get close to the jump, and me anticipating too much.
 We jumped a full course a few times, which is something I've never done with Daisy, and I don't think she's done either. We met some great new instructors who graciously volunteered their time. I had a blast! And I might just jump Daisy at fair next year; who knows?
This jump below "Ok, she's probably going to refuse this one. I'm just saying, this one will make her look."
Umm...nope. Just went over :) I love her.
 Fall is here, and Daisy is turning dark again. 
We're finished competing for the year. We're keeping busy with driving and riding and giving lessons :)
 Last, I rooted through an old box of photos and found this beauty:
Me on Dancer, when I was 5 or 6. I look so tiny, yet I was riding by myself! I love it.


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