Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Driving, Riding, Friends, and Colored Feet

Well hasn't this picture been a long time coming: 

That was Daisy and I and my driving instructor. I'm supposed to get Daisy out driving at least twice a week but it's tough because I don't have many helpers to come along and pull Daisy in the right direction when she misbehaves ;)

The woods around here are beautiful this time of year: 
Daisy and I have been emarking on our usual road rides.
Visiting the minis is pretty much Daisy's favorite thing to do:
There are now only two mares. The little girl in the pictures is Jewel; She's Daisy's buddy. 
Daisy's hooves were a shocking orange/red color the other day when I picked them out. I called my trimmer immediately, thinking it was something serious. Upon further inspection I realized she was completely sound on her feet and they weren't hot at all (a sign of inflammation). We're not really sure why they were such vivid colors, except perhaps that the leaves she's been eating have changed the color. As long as she's sound, I can take a colorful-footed mare any day ;)
I bought a dressage saddle off a friend a few weeks ago, and yesterday I got my new girth from smartpak in the mail :) So hopefully today we'll be girthing up the saddle and taking it for a spin.

That's all my news for today.


Amy said...

Such fun with your pony, love it!! I love how versitile you are making her!

Daisy said...

What fun! And beautiful pictures!!
Let us know how the new saddle works out.

horsecrazy said...

adorable horse!!! :)

Ruth said...

What gorgeous photos. I love the the one of the trees down the sides of the road.


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