Friday, January 20, 2012

Riding Gracie, etc

On Wednesday we went and visited my aunt who lives a couple hours away. 

I had the pleasure of riding her 5 year old Percheron/Thoroughbred cross mare, Gracie. I had a great time on her! 
Gracie has a lovely canter. She's a horse whom you truly ride through your seat rather than through your legs. . . it worked better to sit into her to make her go, than to squeeze with your legs. It was an interesting experience. 
Below is a video. . . not exactly the most shining part of the ride, but a good example :) 
Commentary by my mom ;) : 

Lastly. . . I'm going to Canada this year to study with Lisa Huhn, and she just posted this to her youtube. It's a simply beginning video. . . but I do love it! I know that's weird but. . . I do. I get so excited about horse feet ;) 

Daisy and I have been riding; today we barrel raced, which put her in a good mood. Monday I gave the usual lesson on her and Daisy was excellent! My student is getting better and better, and it's so fun  to watch :)



Bella said...

Hahahaha, I love your mom! "(whispering) This is Melissa's life. She loves it."
Gracie is a very pretty horse. :)

Boss Mare Eventing said...

Whereabouts in Canada are you going??

Melissa said...

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Gudl said...

you looked really great on her!


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