Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012 :)

Sometime last week (whoops. . . back in 2011) Daisy and I visited these horses. There is actually a third, a black and white pinto, but (s)he didn't come up to the fence. They seem like sweet horses. There used to be two, but their herd moved up to three at some point. I've talked to most horse owners in our riding radius, but not these ones; I've never seen them. Hopefully one day we'll get to chat so I can find out more about these cuties. 

Yesterday was a cold day here in New York. . . I went to the farm around 1 o'clock yesterday and it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit. When I left a few hours later, it was only 7 degrees. Daisy and I went for  a quickie ride in the indoor. I was bundled up in many layers, and glanced in the mirror and laughed. I thought I'd share ;) : 

I purchased a Tough-1 medium weight blanket for Daisy this year, as her old blanket was a couple years old and smelly and torn. I splurged and bought her one with a fun pattern. I love seeing her in zebra stripes :) 

 I received a smartphone for Christmas, and I'm liking the photo aps. Below is "retro camera": 

This was taken on our ride today. We went out in the snow to stretch Daisy's legs after a few days in the indoor; She loves to canter for long stretches. This is extra fun in the snow, where she has to use extra effort to move her legs up and down through it. She's so good. :) 

Stay warm!,


Gudl said...

I love reading your posts and looking at your photos. You are talented...and funny! Love you.

Dad said...

The zebra blankie looks like winter camouflage ! Cool.

Martha said...

I ave never been much of a horse person, too timid, maybe. But Hannah like them very much.

Anonymous said...

Oh I had to bundle up like that last week at riding too. I got home and looked at the pictures I took and laughed at how silly I looked. You pull it off very nicely though. :)
Very cute stripes.


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