Saturday, April 23, 2011

Everything, All At Once

Here's an update on everything, all at once and not in the right order.

This photo was taken while Daisy was colicing. She ended up spending a full day with lots and lots of sleeping lying down.

This was one of her hoof prints on the drive from us walking up and down.
Sunday evening I gave Daisy some hay and she actually enjoyed it.
This was before Sunday evening, this was Sunday afternoon, as Daisy napped in her stall. I sat right next to her as she lay down, which was a sign that she was feeling really bad.
I set up this fun craft for my 4H club. I cleaned 25 old horseshoes. . . I like how mine turned out :)
Daisy got over her colic. The vet came the following Wednesday and I discussed it with her and she suggested I put Daisy on a daily dewormer to prevent colic. I thought about it, and have decided to put her on Apple Cider Vinegar again like last fall instead, and only resort to the dewormer if it doesn't work. I'd rather have her on something natural like the vinegar. 

This photo was taken Tuesday April 12th, when I took Daisy over to Jenny's for the night.
Itching on her tree :)
I love my new camera. . .

Daisy tucked in her old stall at Jenny's farm. She slept there Tuesday night, and Jean picked her up while I was at school on Wednesday and brought her to her farm because I needed her taken care of while I. . .
Vacationed in Germany! :) This is a panorama shot of houses along the Rhein river in Mainz, Germany.
I went to Germany with my friend Stormy.  This is us in the vineyards of Kiedrich, Germany.
This was us at a castle tower in Eltville, Germany.
The view out of the Eltville tower.
The "Mouse Tower" on the Rhein.
Us leaning out our bedroom window in the Castle Stahleck youth hostel.
The only horses I petted while in Germany :) some cart ponies in Obersdorf in the Alps.

I was surprised to see them come down the street soon after I said goodbye to them in the middle of the town.
Two cuties.

Daisy is home now, still trying to gain back weight she lost when she coliced, but she's close to her regular weight again. She is almost shed out and feels and looks so soft and pretty. I bathed her legs, tail, and mane today. I love when she smells like baby shampoo :) 
Sorry for my lack of update,


Unknown said...

What a neato vacation!
Do you know why Daisy is colicing?
Have you had a fecal test done for parasites? Ulcers? Sand? Allergies? cysts in her uterus? I have one mare that will act colicy when her old bone spavin hurts her. She won't eat and she will lie down and roll and rub her face.
Oh and to put weight on and help digestion brewers yeast is a wonderful, magical thing read about it here

Sorry I havent been around, been busy at school and hard to find an internet connection. How is your line driving with Daisy going? I hope shes feeling better. Having lost a horse to colic very suddenly it's not a fun thing to go through.

Mellimaus said...

I have not done a fecal test for parasites. I wanted to do it through my vet but it didn't really happen. . is there a program to do it by yourself? Did do an ulcer test a couple years ago when she coliced and it came up negative. I don't really think it's caused by sand or allergies. A different vet I used suggested cysts in her uterus, but somehow. . . I really don't think that's what it is either, because I don't see how that would happen every spring and fall, I think it's an environmental thing.

Line driving is great :) Daisy is very good. I planned on getting a cart in May, but now I think I need to put money towards other things first so I'm shooting for having a cart a little later. . .although maybe still in time to show in driving at our county fair! We'll see, we'll see. :) Daisy has been fine since I put her back on the ACV, but we'll see. If she stays fin the rest of the spring, then I'm just going to put her on it every spring and fall.

Gudl said...

I love looking at all your photos of Germany! Looks like so much fun. I am happy for you that you could go. And I am sure you will do it again ;-)


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