Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Stills: Frame It

This challenge was a fun one. The job was to frame something with something else. An example given was to frame the moon with tree branches.

I chose to frame my latest "ride", my trainer's 17hh Thoroughbred gelding, Ladd. He's a handsome man :) So sweet.

I'm not too happy with these first two was so bright out when I took the pictures that his face was dark and the sky was editing sort of compromised it. But the sky still looks a bit pale...but oh well.

The second two shots are better (I think).
Ladd, framed by the sky.

Check out some more framed shots at Sunday Stills!


Sandy Trefger said...

Awesome photos! Love the sky behind the horse's portraits!

Brenda said...

fun shots!

Gudl said...

I like them, too! He looks funny and I know he is fun. Good boy! He looks good framed in blue.


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