Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lots of Things in the Future!

Not much has been going on...I visited my friend Wednesday and Thursday, and Thursday I watched her riding lesson and took a ride with her, she on Abel and I on a horse named Willie. It was fun :) I made the video up there (dressage stuff first, then jumping pics and video toward the end).

Daisy went to Jean's yesterday morning in preparation for my horse show tomorrow. I rode her there yesterday and jumped in the ring and she was really good :). She had trouble at first sticking her nose in the air so she could rush the jumps, but I worked with it and got her to do it "on the bit" with her head low and not that was good :) Today I have a mounted meeting on her at 2.
I also rode Ladd. Jean's been riding him a lot more now and he was incredible when I rode him yesterday...she's using a martingale on him and I've never ridden one, and initially wasn't impressed, but it did seem to help.
Other big news...I'm tentatively planning on doing my first event ever (!!), probably intro-level :P, at the very end of August! :D Should be pretty awesome...hope I learn a lot before then though.
And on Monday I'm giving a beginner lesson on Daisy...and Tuesday Jean is tentatively planning on going swimming in the lake, me on Daisy and her on Bubba. I hope it works out! Neither have ever gone swimming from what we know...I predict that Daisy will refuse to go in at first, but with persistence, she'll do it. (I hope so anyway!)

Until later,

P.S. I will not be doing a Sunday Stills tomorrow.


ILJ said...

great video! :) thanks for making it for me :)
also have fun at your first show and that's awesome that you and Jean are going to go swimming in the lake with Daisy and Bubba!!! :D I asked Jen and she said I could do it with Abel this summer too!!! :D yay!!!

Gudl said...

You live a full life! That is great.

Michaela said...

I hope you get to do the event it sounds fun. I really want to do one with Indigo in August. If I do it I still don't know if I want to beginner novice which is 2'7 or novice which is 2'11. Indigo and I are fine with both heights but since we've never done an event before I'll probably do the smaller one.


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