Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Stills (I know; it's been forever): Black & White

I think now that's summer's basically here, I'll be doing Sunday Stills again :)
Just six days of school left! It may be only six days, but this last week has been full of school work.....ew.

Things like Geometry (luckily, that's one of my favorite classes).
Interesting how I didn't notice how dusty and old my calculator looked until I took a macro :P

I was assigned My Sister's Keeper as a summer read...started reading it before the official assignment came out and...looks like I'll need to read it again before the summers over because I didn't annotate this first time around...oh well.

This is my attempt at representing horses and dirty barn work without a horse ;)

I'm so busy...but it's so beautiful out. I can barely make it through school; summer is calling me!

Check out more black and white shots at Sunday Stills!


Allen said...

Interesting. I'm reading Ella Minoa Pea.

colleen said...

Beautiful shots my dear. I love the composition of the first one.

Hope school goes by for you fast. Enjoy your summer.

Gudl said...

I really enjoy your photos, too!

Holly said...

love that first one, post and tell us about the book, I like JP.

Shirley said...

Hope your summer is wonderful. Love the rose.

Trapper Creek Daughter said...

The remote one is cool, black and white on black and white.

Janice said...

Nice post, I would say you Rose to the challenge.

Regular Guy said...

Nice shots, like the angle on the first shot.

Judy Johnson said...

Really like your photos! My barn boots never look clean like yours!!


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