Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Stills: Eyes

Honestly, one of the first things I thought of with this topic was this kind of eye:

And then of course my favorite eye, my pony, Daisy-Mae.

And this little ham if Groenemeyer, named after the German singer. My uncle died suddenly January 2007 and he had joked about naming a pet Groenemeyer.
Thus, my amazing barn cat (most people who meet him agree he's amazing. I have many threats of thievery. Be jealous ;))
We all should have a Mr. Gronemeyer. :)

You can't say you don't love that face. Even if you're not a "cat person".

This one is last because the quality is cats dragged this dragonfly into the barn a week ago, but by the time I got the camera and started taking pictures it had revived itself and it's wings were beating so..hence blurriness.

But take a look at those huge all that blue really eye?!
Must be a great view.
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Bella said...

Haha, Gronemeyer is pretty awesome, have to say. :P I love his nose! Lol

You and Bubba look great!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your cat! He is so pretty, and a real camera hog. Mine hates the camera. :)

Michelle said...

Good shots! The kitty is so cute, he does look like a heartbreaker!

PeacefulGirl said...

These are great! Love those eyelashes!

Bethany, Dahlia, Julia, and GEB Lucky said...

I love Gronemeyer!! He is so cute and his face is beautiful! :) And that dragon fly is pretty cool too :)

Oregon Equestrian said...

Very creative upside down kitty pictures.

Amazing blue eyes on the dragonfly.

gtyyup said...

Mr. Gronemeyer sure made me smile! Wonderful shots for the challenge~

WildBlack said...

Cool shots! :D My favorite is the last one!


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