Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lesson Numero Dos

Is that how you say "number" in Spanish? I wouldn't know, I take French...anyway.

I had my second lesson today! And the last one until March because Karin is going to Florida all of February to event...she does every year, I guess. Anyway, we did only flat work (no jumping) and it was soooo amazing.

She had me circling Daisy at a posting trot, and she had me put my inside hand down and behind my knee, so my arm was pretty much straight at my side holding the rein. Then I squeezed that rein over and over as I rode, while squeezing my legs alternately and just keeping my outside rein still (and holding it strong). Normally Daisy rides strung out, and as I've said, without using her hind end and stepping under herself. Quite a few times while I did that exercise, though, I could feel Daisy really pick herself up and step under herself, while holding her head down and her neck arched, and it was the most wonderful feeling ever. Everyone describes it this way, but it's so true: it was like air. It felt like she was just lightly trotting over clouds, just like the the way you'd think it feels to ride those big dressage horses that skip and hold their legs up really high. Daisy was AWESOME. She did it a ton at the beginning of the lesson. She didn't do as well clockwise as she did counterclockwise, but she was still good. However, I REALLY need to exercise my fingers! They ached like crazy after squeezing my fingers over and over on the rein! But it was great. Daisy's so good. At the end she was covered in sweat after trotting non-stop for almost an hour, and after just a minute or two of walking, we went to cantering and she still did it. She's stubborn at times, but she's a good girl.
At the end her whole face was wet with sweat and her neck, and she was exhausted, but it was good for her. And I feel it know-I'm tired, too! :)

Next news:
We're ordering our chicks soon! My dad and I went through different breeds, and we decided on I think 9 different breeds, and we'll get 2 of each...they include:
New Hampshire Red
Buff Orphington
Silver-Laced Wyandottes
Black/Gold Sex links
Rhode Island Red
Barred Plymouth Rock
and I'm forgetting one but I can't remember which one...I also really wanted a White Faced Black Spanish but they aren't available right now...we also wanted a Bantam of some kind but they're all straight runs and we only want pullets...sooo...we'll be getting them in February at some point...I'm so super excited!! :D I'm really glad we're getting them earlier then last time, because they'll lay earlier...and this time I actually know more about Chicken breeds so it's more exciting... :)
Kacy has alsooooo bestowed me with 3 awards....but I'm a lazy bum so I'm not going to show them or pass them on...actually, I'm on lazy b/c of midterms to study for...otherwise I'd make a bigger deal out of them, but I will put them on the side of the blog with the other awards eventually...
But she also tagged me to post five of my "addictions"...I don't think I'm realllly addicted to anything, but here I go ;-).
  1. Blogging, Internet, facebook, blogging. lol.
  2. Jelly Bellys. OK they are SO expensive ($6.99 a pound!) but I LOVE sour Jelly bellys! They are AMAZING. I just splurged last week and bought yeah...
  3. Daisy...barn cats...etc...I could spend HOURS (and I have lately) at the barn doing pretty much nothing. I love it.
  4. Reading, LOVE reading, my favorite series EVER is Harry Potter. I've read the series twice. sooo good.
  5. Music...Switchfoot and TobyMac are my favs right now...


Anonymous said...

yay more chickens!!!! :D we use to have Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks. We had two Rhode Island Reds and I'm pretty sure they were both named Hershey. :) lol we were so inventive on names. :)

allhorsestuff said...

Chickens! Someday we shall have 3..that is the limit for the city.

Must be my freinds here but, so far all have said that they would not play along! Actually Stace may..but I too changed the rules to not having to send it to (10) people! Oh My Wonderful God! (OMWG)
Those are fun and yummy addictions! I know that word is kinda condeming, like they own you and we know, they don't!

Anika said...

Oo! That's cool about the lesson! It's good that she's being good! (:
Chickens! YAY! I really really want to see them when they come! I didn't get to see them all little like last time! (I think...) Those breeds (is that what you call them in chicken terms?) are really cool. I like the one that looks checkered because of the black and white. OMG you should name one of them Checkers!! lol, anyway...that one you said you wanted, but they don't have them, is really cool too! It sucks that you cant get them! Wait so how many are you going to have in total? 16? Ok, well, thats all for my comment! (:


Mellimaus said...

You can really have 3 in the city?! That's cool! I didn't think cities allowed any...
Thanks again for the awards, Kacy! :)

Anika...yeah, probably 18 total chickens...

Bella said...

I remember one time when Karen had Stewbug cantering for like... a half hour straight. Yeah... he was TOTALLY covered in sweat.

Awesome! Can I come see them when you get them!? I love little animals... te hehehe. =)


Misha said...

that was a good post :) it sounds like a lot of fun to take those lessons!

Jordyn Daniels said...

I might just have to use that on Sonny after he stops acting up(come over to my blog for the full scoop)*lol*! Well gtg!

~Southern Commander~


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