Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Quick post...

It was said all weekend that it would get down below zero this week...and it did! Yesterday I had to drag an extension cord all the way to the coop from the garage to hook up the heat lamp. And switch out the bulb. But, voila, here it is! It's in the video below ;-).

The barn cats are surviving fine...they sleep together and are warm. I brought them a heated pillow this morning, but that's all.

Stay warm, everyone!


Anonymous said...

We had to put a heat lamp in our chicken coop too and we moved our ducks into the barn and our horse has a blanket on again. boy its cold tonight!!!!!! :)

Gudl said...

I really like this video of the chicken in the coop. You are a good chicken caretaker! haha.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that's cold! Great video.

Danni said...

Oh golly, it's cold where you live. I love Bibbi's beard!
Good to know that chickens can survive even in temps like you've got - of course, the free choice scratch and heating lamp don't hurt, I'm sure! :-)
Stay warm, Mellimaus - and good girl Abby for going out in the cold, too!

Misha said...

lol great post :D I love it when you post videos :)


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