Monday, September 22, 2008

Roundpenning Miss Daisy

Soooo, I took this "three part video series" today (lol, that sounds funny) of me round penning Daisy--I, in any case, find it interesting to round pen. I want to add to what I said in the videos--you drive the horse away from you so that it has to respect you and eventually wants to stop having to run from you and submit to you and be with you in the middle--your goal is to get your horse there. I find it such an awesome experience because (I couldn't do it that well in the video) after you see your horse submitting, you drop the whip on the ground and turn away from the horse. Sometimes they may stand there and not come, so then you just cluck a little and they should come and stand with their head "hovering" over your shoulder. Then you should be able to back up and say "back" and the horse will back with you. Jog or walk around and they'll follow--if you have round pen, try it, it's really cool, any horse will do it, it's a natural yeah...there's my video. Taken at Jean's today.(ohh, and for you teenagers out there who have read "Heartland" (the book series) or Chestnut Hill, this is what they call a "join up" in the books...I guess that's what I should call it)

9:40 PM


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! This is great video. I feel like I'm watching a Parelli clinic. hehe

Daisy's such a good girl. She 'joins up' pretty quickly.

My Baby Doll does, too. Within minutes she's lowering her head and wanting to come into to me, licking and chewing.

I love how she will follow me afterwards, without a lead, wherever I go.

It's nice being the Alpha Mare, eh? :)


Gudl said...

Du bist 'en Kanon' !!

Anonymous said...

That was really cool! :) Maybe I should do that with Domino (but we don't have a roundpen). :)


Jordyn Daniels said...

That was awesome:)! I do that w/ our 19 year old Arabian mare(she is quite nippy)and I need to try it on Sonny! But the thing is that he won't go out to the outside!lol! He thinks he is a dog! Could you give me some advice on how to do it w/ him, Rambo our 3 month old colt, and Red our 16 month old colt! I sure could use it!

Horse Lover

Anika said...

Hey! That was cool, I did that with Oreo when we were at that barn place in the round pen...i call it join up...but he did it really quickly and lynn was watching and when he came into th middle he stood in front of me and snorted REALLY loudly at me and lynn said that was how they show respect. I felt so loved =] haha


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