Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Weather & Bruises

So, the farrier came today. Daisy was getting better and better at walking all week, but when the farrier shod her she ended up being bruised *again*. Last year she was bruised on three of her legs, but today she was bruised even worse then last year on her right front (where she was laming) and her left hind. She also had some 'holes' in her hoof sole on both ends. The farrier said to keep soaking in Epsom salts like I am and to put Iodine on her hind leg. Then we'll take it from there, which probably means I have to put shoes and pads on her...*sigh*...just what we didn't want. But you've gotta do what you gotta do...the second picture is taken by a friend of mine, the rest are by me...Today it's 90 degrees out (WOW) and so I bought Daisy a fan, which she is totally loving...I'm having a barn sleepover tonight! IN THE HEAT!'ll be around 70...well, that's it...thanks for all your kind words and insight!...This may sound silly, but how do you put iodine on a horse? Do I soak Daisy's hoof in it, or do I just put it on?

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Misha said...
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Misha said...

This might help... Or it might be something totally different than what you're looking for :D But I hope it helps!

P.S. Srry bout that deleted comment -- I left you other websites, then I reallized they were about something different :D

Anonymous said...


Danni said...

Great pics of Daisy's hooves, Mellimaus. So sorry she's having continued issues with her. It's awful when you know your animals are in pain. Any thoughts as to what the issue is? Why is she bruising? And why does this mean you need to shoe her? (sorry, i'm a total horse novice).
Lucky lucky you guys...90 degree's going to hit, oh, maybe 58 here today and be rainy all day. How was your barn sleepover? :-)

Anonymous said...

It's SOOOO hot here too! Its 97 today and tomorrow and tuesday its supposed to be 100 or 104 or something. Poor Dasiy Mae! A fan's a good idea...I wish we could put one up somewhere. The picture's of the bruises look really cool, actually. haha. I hope she gets better soon!

Wanda said...

Thanks for the update on Daisy Mae.... I don't know about you, but I pray for animals... So Daisy is in my prayers.

Love and Hugs

Gudl said...

Poor Daisy! I am glad she is walking better by now. The shoes will help.

Markus said...

sorry to hear about your poor horse. hope things work out. its hotter than "h, e, double hockey sticks" here too... ;-) the horses love the shade of the trees. i love the air conditioning lol. hope you are doing well. see you soon

Emma the Golden Girl said...

I found your blog from "On the Way to Critter Farm."
I'm sorry Daisy is having trouble with her hooves.
I'll be back to visit again.

Pony Girl said...

That is too bad about the bruising. Why is she bruising now, do you think? Has she had shoes on before? Those were good pictures of the bruising. I have never seen that before. My gelding has very tender feet and has to wear shoes on all 4 if we are doing a lot of trail riding. I am hoping to pull them over the winter since we have soft ground and don't do much riding.
I wish we had heat here! Well, 90 would be too much. Stay cool! Looks like Daisy is loving the fan!


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