Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to Riding!

So, on Monday we called the farrier and left two messages, one from my mom, one from me, asking (again) if he could come out and shoe Daisy. He called back, and he said he'd come the next day! He came, and checked out her hooves and said her front hoof was still very tender, but he'd shoe her anyway. SO, I had him make Daisy shoes for all four feed, and pads for her front. She has the pads so that she can walk on stones and such without getting bruised again. She also got borium on, which is a type of metal that's kind of rough on the shoe, so she doesn't slip when she walks. First he had to take a little while to 'customize', I guess, Daisy's shoes, and then we went into the barn to put them on, because it was raining. Daisy did just fine on her back hoofs-he aligned the shoes and nailed them in and then filed off the nails when they came out the sides (second picture). Of course, she couldn't let herself get the reputation of being a perfect horse, so she decided it would be acceptable to rear, oh, say, 3 times when he got to the front feet. It was scary-she almost touched the ceiling at one point, and the farrier would have to jump out of the way. The farrier took the halter and chain lead at one point, adjusted the chain, and gave Daisy a hard tug and a little speech about didn't work for long. She reared another two times, and that's when he suggested hay. Of course, Daisy being a sucker for food, stood very nice and still on the last shoe and chomped away...the little brat! She also had silicone sprayed under the pad on the front feet so that she has more cushioning...the pictures are labeled. The pic of her hoof that's not labeled is her back hoof. Well, after money spent, and shoes, pads, borium, and silicone, I can ride again! I took Daisy for a quick ride today because I actually went and rode Bubba after school today (I took the bus to my 4H leader's house) and it was great! Daisy's hooves sound nice on pavement ;-).

The last pictures are just some I took of Daisy tonight and the sky. Doesn't Daisy look great!? Don't ask what's up with the lead rope-I kind of just threw it on, it's actually just a rope...She's so slick and shiny.

Anyway, thanks for all the thoughts and helpful tips throughout Daisy's little hoof 'ordeal'! My school ends next Wednesday...finals this week and next, and then I might post more often! (or less often ;-)) Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Cool post and pictures!

JO said...

WHOA~ I wouldn't want that guys job - I bet he has dealt with much more fussy horses than Daisy though... Glad you can ride her again - be easy on her I am sure her shoes will take some getting used to for her.

Happy for you that school is out - ENJOY your summer!

Anika said...

Oh, Daisy Mae. Silly silly girl. ;]

That sky picture is cool, btw. I like how it's blue and pink. 11 days!

Markus said...

sweet kicks there daisy

Misha said...

Cool! Glad you can ride again!

Danni said...

Wow - what an interesting story. Glad she didn't hit her head on the roof of the barn - but then maybe she would have only reared once if she had. LOL. Glad you've got your ride-able girl back! She looks so beautiful.

Roheryn said...

That's great, that you can ride 'gain!

heh, I know all 'bout pads. Carlo's got 'em on as well...

*mutters 'bout horses and their expensive shoes*

Wanda said...

I'm really glad Daisy is getting back to her normal self. The pictures you posted are so nice.

Sorry I haven't been by for a while!!

You always have a nice post!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. I guess food works every time.


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