Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall is Here, and So it Bow Hunting

I'm just posting to keep you guys entertained, so this has to be fast.
Hunting season has come (for bow hunters, like my father), and now I have to wear a vest, seen in the pictures, when I go in the woods. I also have to sing dumb and confusing songs about riding in the woods during hunting season so that I don't get shot :-). Haha. The fall is beautiful here in the woods. The leaves are so pretty, and when they fall the woods smell really sweet. These pictures are just random. I got a real long whip, and blue one(shown in first picture), and now I'm longing a lot more. I like it. Today was really warm, for October. In the 70's. The picture at the bottom was from today. I went riding after that.
Hey, if you want to see a picture of a hunter that I know (wink, wink), go to my mom's faces blog here.


Gudl said...

I love all those photos. I wonder who took them ;-)
Daisy and you just look great in the autumn forest!

Priscilla said...

Be careful out there!

Anika said...

Your title is Fall is here, so it Bow Hunting. i think you meant is. but thats okay. haha, i can so picture you singing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do like singing :P

Rawhide and Alli said...

LOL Anika!!! You guys look so cute together! (0_0)

JO said...

We just got back from NY. It was so beautiful out there I wished I coudl have stayed longer. Enjoy the Fall while it lasts.



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