Saturday, October 6, 2007

Craig Cameron: Advanced Leading

This is a video I just found oh that really interested me. It teaches you how to lead your horse correctly. I'm going to try to do this with Daisy. It's probably not that interesting for all you people, but I felt like posting it anyway :-). Daisy isn't very good with leading. She isn't that submissive, so I'm hoping that if I try what the guy in the video says to do, she will be better. Well, I'm going riding now! Bye!


Anika said...

woah! that's really cool! But, for me, the problem is that- 1. Cody isn't afraid of the whip and won't move to the side if I do what he did to get the horse moving and 2. I think Cody would start cantering.ugh. but its good advice!

Anika said...


Abby said...

Abby posted! (hehe, that's me!)


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