Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Past Few Months in a Nutshell

Hi friends! This is going to be a quick updating frenzy of a blog post. 

Daisy and I did another LD! (Limited distance ride). The same 15 mile ride we did last fall.
We rode most of the course alone, which was very liberating. Unfortunately Daisy vetted out all A's metabolically (which is awesome!) except with lameness in her left hind leg at the trot. I felt awful. I think she pulled a muscle as the course was very muddy. She was okay after a couple days and then the lameness moved to her diagonal front leg. That put us out of riding for a couple weeks. 

I am currently reconsidering what our goals are (if any) for the rest of the riding season (beyond just enjoying rides for pleasure).

My nephew who was born in July is walking! He is my favorite little man :)

Speaking of men... another favorite! This is Jacob, with me on my graduation from college with an associates degree in business administration. He has been my real favorite for a few months now ;)

 As for equine men... do you remember this big guy?!

I got in contact with the equestrian team that took Ladd back in 2011... and tonight I had the pleasure of reuniting with him for a lesson!

He is still a joy. I'm guessing he must be around 12 or 13 now, and you can tell. He has really mellowed out.

He is out 24/7 with a herd of geldings in a HUGE pasture. I'm happy for him :)

He was a good boy for me! And boy am I sore.

I'm so thankful for all the blessings in my life. Equines and people :)

P.S... I'm still trimmin'! Healthy feet make happy horses. 
Hope you're all well!


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