Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ontario County Fair: Mounted Games, July 25th

Wednesday was a low-key day of mounted relay games. 

Daisy was a good girl. She loves to barrel race and run fast, but we generally went in the middle of the relay team, so she had to be good about stopping in the middle of runs to pick things up, and wait at the end to hand off items. Once she got into it and figured out the routine, she had a nice set of brakes :) 

Wednesday evening was costume class. Daisy and I dressed as hippies and rode to the Beatles' "Revolution". 

Costume included tye dye fabrics and ribbons, non-toxic Crayola finger paint, fake daisies, and a fake butterfly, plus my most colorful tack. 

I was quite pleased with how it all turned out. 

We had fun :) 

As for my trailer, it turns out we won't have it for awhile probably... because the old owners never signed it over to their name, so in order for us to get the title for it, they need to get the former owner's signature on their title in order to hand it off to us so that we can title it. A bit disappointing, but we've made do without a trailer for 5 years; what's a couple months? 

I'm going on a mission trip with my church's youth group to Costa Rica on Tuesday of next week. We will be in the country for 11 days. I am SO excited! It should be pretty awesome.  

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Ruth said...

Awesome photos!! You and Daisy look great. Mounted games is so fun.


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