Wednesday, May 23, 2012

T-3 Days

Hey bloggers! 
I know it's been for-ev-errr since I last posted! I apologize, but believe me if I had posted you'd be more bored than since I haven't ;). 
We've been doing nothing out of the ordinary. Lets see how many blog posts I can say that in ;). 

Our trail has dried up some, so we've been trail riding more, which Daisy absolutely loves. 

I leave for Canada, for my Trimmer 1 & 2 course, this coming Sunday! WHAAAAT?! I know. I'm a little shocked myself ;).  I'm excited, but also a little anxious about leaving home, and Daisy, behind. I've arranged for someone to ride Daisy 3 times a week for the two weeks I'm gone (and I'm crossing my fingers that she behaves for her new mount as well as she does for me!). She'll be boarding over at Jenny's farm, where we are in winter. This week, I'm pulling strings and getting things together so that I can leave her and the farm behind with a good peace of mind. 

One thing I'd like to mention: Boy is my pony the bomb! We've had SO much road construction lately, but those HUGE pieces of equipment don't bother her! WHOOT! I love feeling safe on this mare. 

That's all I have to say. Perhaps if I have a free moment next week I'll share some interesting hoof-related tid bits! If anyone is interested in details, they can check out , which is where I'm headed. 


Ruth said...

Good Luck at your course! it sounds like fun.

Bella said...

Have fun Melissa!


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