Monday, September 5, 2011

Trail Trial Coming Up!

Hello all!
Quick question. . . I'm going to be riding in a trail trial again this coming Sunday, and am trying to pick out what tack to use. I'd rather ride western because it's so comfortable, but I learned last year when I did that that Daisy will not respect a western curb when in the midst of a cantering group of horses. . . so it would be smarter for me to ride English with a snaffle, because if worst comes to worst, I can easily pull her in a tight circle to stop her. So I'm wondering, is it ok to put the english snaffle on my western headstall, like for a young western horses in training? Does anyone have any experience in this? Thanks :) 

Daisy and I are keeping busy. . . I rode her home from my friend's house last week ,which required riding through a small hamlet near us. How fun! Unfortunately a couple of Dumpsters freaked her out and I had to hand walk her part of the way ;). She can drive pretty well at the walk now; she needs an occasional helper to come up and reinforce the 'walk' command because she doesn't go right away, or she tries to slowly back up.  I had a new laptop for a  day and then it was broken accidentally :-/ So unfortunately, my posts are still limited. I have pictures of fair I'd like to post, but we'll see when that happens. We're riding in the trail trial next week, and another hunterpace in two weeks! I'm excited. This has been a quiet year for us showing wise, and I'm surprised that I really do miss it. . . so I'm glad we'll be getting out a couple more times. 

I hope you're all doing well! Sorry I've not visited your blogs and commented.

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Lady Rosemary said...

Hi, you have got nice website :-) I like horses too :-)


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