Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Hey There . . .

Just a short post. Lots has been going on that I could post about, but... no one really cares anywayyy sooo. 

I went riding with Jenny's other boarders yesterday. We went on a dead-end road first and galloped the horses full out. So fun! Daisy really enjoyed it. (so did I).

Afterward, we rode up to my house so I could show them the barn.

I was supposed to have another lesson last Tuesday but it was only like 5 degrees out so we canceled. I'm probably going to have a lesson this coming Monday instead.

Daisy moves to Jean's on Wednesday.

Daisy's going to stay at Jean's for 6 weeks, all on 24/7 outside board...with a pasture buddy! She's had neither for at least 5 years. I'm actually pretty excited about it. *Crossing fingers* that she's nice to Dixie.

I leave for a trip to FL on Tuesday in a week, and Jean's lessons students will ride Daisy while I'm gone.


Bella said...

Sounds like a fun ride! Hope Daisy will get along well with Dixie... It took Bella a week or more to start actually getting along with the other mares. (squealing, threatening to kick... such a lady, right? ;)) So if it doesn't happen right away, wait it out for a bit to see if works itself out.

Glad you're going to have a big arena w/ jumps for your next lesson! EPIC jumping lesson ahead! :D You should really get someone to take pictures...... ;)


Misha said...

Sounds like you've been busy!! I love the pictures; the horses stand out beautifully against the snow.
Ps. Have fun on vacation! :D

Danni said...

Oh, look at all that snow you still have, Melissa! And 5 degrees? totally deserve a bit of time in Florida! :-) Safe travels.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there sweet,
Catching up with you and Daisy mare ~ nice snowy ride!
Sounds like you have a new barn & friends. Neat.
I've always had issue with handlers too. Incompetance usually, don't blame poor Daisy! If someone is not a good leader my mare will push too..mostly from fear.
Hope your vaca was great!


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