Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lesson 1/11/11

Hello all! 
I had a lesson today...first one since camp in August ;)
I've decided to aim to take a lesson every two weeks...it went well! I'm using a new instructor...she was much more positive than my old one. I won't say more on that topic.
We worked a lot on having Daisy bend and supple, and transitions from walk to trot to walk to get her energy up, and direction changes across the ring. I thought it was a pretty good productive lesson (spurs next time!) but then I saw the videos...she looks lovely! ;)
I know the beginning she's pooping. Figures; how awkward ;) 
But otherwise....  hint: 1:10 is particularly awesome ;) I'm very happy how it went.


Unknown said...

Looks like a good lesson! The positivity in your instructor goes a long way to how you and your horse work together.

Cat said...

Looking good. Watching the video of your lesson has made me even more desperate to get riding!

Unknown said...

LOL not sure if you ever seen this but http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097239/

Mellimaus said...

Haha I have Sydney...originally, I titled the blog as a spoof of the movie... I didn't see the movie until this spring though. I actually liked it!
Now it's just ironic that I'm teaching her to drive... I mean, seriously? ;)

Misha said...

I haven't been on blogger in forever; I'm so glad to hear you and Miss Daisy are still getting along well. :) I've missed your blog, lol. It makes me miss horseback riding so much! The video looks great!


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