Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving readers! I hope you're together with those you love and you get to eat lots of turkey (We will be. We bought a 23 pound turkey, then our guests fell through. So that's 5 people to eat 23 pounds of turkey, haha) 
The things I'm thankful for don't really change every year, and I'm generally thankful for them all year anyway, but...they include such things as Jesus, Daisy, my family, and my various other pets. And friends. :) And experiences.

Daisy's been a pretty good girl lately. The day after she kicked me we went on a ride and it was pretty terrible...but alas, she seems to have gotten over it now. I had the pleasure of riding Bubba and my Laddie boy yesterday :) (Note: I call him "my" but he's not actually mine)(I have a fund goin'. You never know, one day he might be ;) ). It was a pleasure to ride both of them :) 
I rode Daisy yesterday as well and we went for a nice ride to visit horses in the neighborhood. We seem to have more and more horses around here... if I think about it, there are 7-8 that we can reach for Daisy to smell noses over the fence. 
We're going to start boarding at Jean's sister's around the corner soon. Should be fun to have Daisy somewhere new, and I'll feel better that, at least on days I can't ride, she'll have the company of Jenny's mares. :) 


I made a video in 2008 for's kind of cute, and it still all applies.


Unknown said...

Them mares sure have their days don't they.
Happy thanksgiving but you know, you yankees are late thanksgiving was over a month ago in Canadaland :P

Pedi said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! :)

allhorsestuff said...

Sweet Melli,
Jesus has gifted us with these gorgeous horses true!
(and sooo MUCH MORE!)
I loved the video..had to close the curtains..i was dancing in my chair the whole! I laughed it up with the smiling shot of Daisey, in the cross ties and then again, with her loppy- fly-mask-one- eared rolling! glad that you are going to have your mare with others...she should like that.
Be looking for you and hearing of the move and stories.
Your HEADER makes me smile!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi melli,
I'm always so happy to come see you!!

YES....I did make a posting about that cool "Thinline"bareback pad.

Nov. 10 th "Misty Ride-a review on the"Thinline bareback pad"

Out of the 3 saddles, I have NONE that fit...watched the"saddle fit 4 life" videos (Jochen Sleese) and discovered that my mare had been putting up with PAIN-because of my ignorance.

They are excellent, very scientific videos, that I think, everyone who owns a horse and saddle should watch. Not only do they teach you how to for the horse, they show you development + behaviors the horse avoid pain of an I'll fitting saddle!

Check em' out!


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