Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Hello, dearest bloggers! I'm sorry it's been so long-didn't post not for lack of things to write about, but from lack of time.
Monday I rode the 5.2 mile block around the roads...because Daisy was really energetic. She's generally not exactly (...not at all...) a quiet ride, but that was extreme. So I figured she could use the work. She was such a good girl! She's great because we passed a lot of dogs and "scary" places and she was fine. The first house with dogs had three dogs running as close to use as their electric fence would let them. And Daisy stopped and looked at them, all alert, and out of the blue started to turn around. She doesn't turn and bolt. She just slowly turns around and starts to meander back home. Pretty amusing, actually ;). I think she likes me to know that she'd rather go that direction, just in case I wasn't aware :P. I turned her around again and she didn't object.

So the rest of the week was blah-like. Tuesday I didn't have time to ride. Wednesday it rained. Thursday it threatened rain, but Jean called to tell me that she was over at her sister's house, who is moving in about a 15-minute horse ride from me, all day working on the barn and that I should go check it out, and explore all over with Daisy because I would love it. Sooo...I did. :D

The picture below is (a bad one) of the arena with barn attached on the side left. It used to be a 6-stall barn, with stalls back-to-back and no aisle down the middle. 3 stalls were ripped out and now there's an aisle in the inside. Two more stalls will be built on that open part in the front of the barn in the picture.

The arena door was, according to me, painted shut (there was spray paint on the edges...I thought it was shut)(Now I realize spray paint can't be that strong)(I'm often dumb). So I didn't get the door open. Of COURSE it turns out, it was just latched on the inside. I couldn't get in with Daisy to open it because I'm told not to tie her to a tree with reins :P and there was trenching work being done on the outside edge of the barn and I didn't want to step her through it.

So this is the part where you get to laugh =). I got on my hands and knees and looked through the crack under the arena door.
Yeah, laugh. ;) I must have looked so stupid. It was worth it though. The arena is bigger than I expected, such a great size for a private barn, and has nice arena lighting. Oh yes. You read right. BIG lights! :D Soooo exciting.... :)
I can't wait. Jenny (Jean's sister) insists that I can ride over any time. I should probably ask if my 9am in summer is ok.... :P

There is a lot of work to be done to restore it all. But it's obvious that whoever owned the place before had the right idea, because it's so nice. There' s a nice big tackroom, too. Tomorrow I'll ride over and take a closer look around. Maybe I'll bring rope and tie Daisy. Jenny should be around to give me a tour... :D fun!

Besides the barn and arena, there's a big, green pasture...really beautiful. Jenny's horses (4, currently) will have such a great place. There's also a pond...
I really want to try swimming with Daisy. Badly. It looks like such fun. What are your thoughts?
Can it still be swam in if there's (snapping) turtles? What about leeches? :P
Picture below of Daisy by the pond :D

So this is my epic fail picture. Daisy rarely puts her ears up, so I wanted a picture when this happened...and didn't have time to focus and get her nose in :P so just imagine her nose is there.

Which brings me to....Sydney's contest to win a Level Rider. I would have put some pics in...but i forgot until now. And blogger is silly about adding pictures to the end of a post. (please tell me if you know how :P)
Thanks Sydney, for the contest and all your helpful comments!
See Sydney's post here to enter! It sounds pretty cool. Actually, seriously cool. Unfortunately, it does not come in an English saddle version. Luckily I ride two disciplines ;)


Unknown said...

Thanks for putting the link to my blog contest up there.

Swimming with horses, hmm lets see. Well first of all unless you get them out real deep (15 feet or more) their butts sink. Mostly just grab a handful of mane and let em go. Don't think they can't buck in the water either lol I learned that the hard way. I have swam in the creek here and theres snapping turtles and tons of leeches. Just check yourself after. Did you know when a horse is swimming, regardless of the breed they pace. Pretty neat huh. And people think only Standardbreds pace.

Mellimaus said...

Wow-that pacing in water thing is pretty cool! Are only horses that usually buck ones that buck in water, or nice placid ones, too? :P Because Daisy rarely bucks, but...

Bella said...

I've always wanted to try swimming on Stewy too! I've just been too apprehensive about it to try. :P Apparently Jessie has done it on Twizzler before. :)



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