Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothin' Much

Hello, bloggers!
I'm all for quick posts lately... :P

Daisy got her rabies shot and her blood drawn for coggins yesterday...and was ridden by another student, who really enjoyed her :)

Today we had our first club mounted meeting of the year. She felt a little funny....stiff...but I blamed it on her neck, which was really sore from the rabies shot (she cowered in the corner of her stall; shook each time my hand got near her neck. Poor baby!) She felt decent at the walk and trot. Go to canter, and she really felt strange...She didn't want to collect, or go on the bit...and she had moments where I felt like I had no hind legs under she was changing leads in her hinds. One time it was obvious enough that Jean said "Wow, she looks really off" and suggested I rest her so I did...we didn't really canter after that. We did some barrel patterns, but Daisy and I just trotted. At the end, I took the ring to myself and did an easy canter around and she seemed ok I'm not sure what that was all about. Maybe she's still recovering from the swelling?

I ride her one more time at Jean's tomorrow and then she comes home. Jean had a new water crossing put in, and I want to try to cross it before I head home :). Should be's big enough that Daisy won't have the option to jump that'll be interesting. Maybe I can film it-we'll see :)

And that's the video of her rolling like a pig. ;) She really dirtied up her fly mask. I thought it'd be fun to add.

Otherwise...I have nothing to report, but that our first game show is May 8th! Time to pull out the western tack... :)


Gudl said...

She really did roll for a long time! Funny to watch. She seems happy!

Bella said...

I agree with Gudl, she did roll for a while! You know back a long time ago, people would put their horse's out in a pen, and it would be $100 every time they rolled over. :P Funny, I thought. So now, every time Stewy rolls I count how much money I would earn. :P Tehehe(:
Can't wait to hear how the water crossing goes!



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