Monday, August 3, 2009

County Fair: Friday; Gymkhana

Gymkhana day is, as always, the very best. The day started out with Egg on Spoon race, which we didn't get first in...we didn't drop the egg, but neither did anyone else in my division :-P so it was all based on time.

Then we had "Feely Mealy" where you have to ride to the end of the ring to two spotters. One holds your horse, the other holds up a cardboard box to you. There's a slit in it to stick your hand in. The box is filled with lots of random objects: batteries, flashlights, pens, hole punchers, corks, bouncy balls, erasers, you name it, it's there. I rode across the ring and was told to find a pine cone, by feel. EASY! It was huge; I finished in 17 seconds, so I won by a landslide...kind of a hollow victory, though, because I had an easy object :P.

After that, Daisy and I really got into it. She was amazing; I never told people I had a "gamer", but now I can! She was a ball of energy at the start line. A few times I had to wait for a minute for the timer to get ready, or to fix the course, and Daisy had to pace back and forth, ready to run. She loves the patterns. Ones like quadrangle and texas t bother her because they're not that simple; it seems to annoy her that she has to listen to me tell her where to go, verses just run it herself :-P. She's great, though. I think there were 12 or 13 classes; we won 7 of them. Bam, bam, bam, we racked up the points. She was awesome. At the end, they have one called Ready, Aim, Fire, where you ride around shooting balloons on the outside of the ring with a squirtgun; that was fun! Daisy didn't know what to make of the balloons, but she was fine in the end.

At the end of the day, we had an awards assembly. Oliver, Jean's son, got Most Improved Rider. "S", who was riding Mouse (From a few posts ago where we went trail riding) got a few high points for the day. Another member who didn't ride this year still got Most Helpful . :)

High point is determined by who got the most wins in a day; the better placings you have, the higher "points" you have. It's pretty special when you get a high point. I ended up getting High Point for Western day (Which I had NO idea I was getting) and Gymkhana (Which I did figure out)!!! That was cool; two trophies. Then I ended up getting the Overall Jr. Division High Point Champion trophy, for high point for the entire week. That's because I rode in almost every class, every's pretty nice to be awarded stuff like that. "S" also got Overall High Point for her walk/trot division. YEY for the Yautzy Road Yahoos! :D I LOVE county fair! It was awesome!

I was overall very impressed with Daisy this year. She was awesome already last year, but this year, without THAT much work, we really improved. She was much less fore-handy, she had her leads correct 98% of the time, and she sidepassed over the ground poles in trail class like they owed her money. She was awesome. She listened SO well. I was soooo proud of her. Plus, for a horse with slightly bad conformation, she looked beautiful. I love how much she's improved apon this last year, and how willing she is. The best horse ever. Maybe not in looks or breeding, but for me, she's perfect.


Bella said...

Wow, those high point trophies are HUGE! O_O Lol.

You and Daisy looked like you did awesome! Which, of course you did. :) A lot of those pictures really show how awesome a horse she is. She changed her leads 'round every pole just right! What a good girl.

We have to ride to A's sometime.


Gudl said...

It was fun watching you! You definitely could tell, that Daisy liked it, too! You both were so into it and soo good! Congratulations!


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