Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vet Visit

Today the vet came to give Daisy her yearly shots. Daisy got rabies done, a west nile virus vaccine, a strangles vaccine (disease horses get, highly contagious, see here to learn more), a spring shot that combines tetanus, a flu vaccine, rhinopneumonitis (not quite sure what that is, I'll google it) and Eastern/Western encephalitis. They also take her blood for a 'coggins' test, which is required for showing, and it gives you a paper that shows all the horse's markings, it looks like this. She did GREAT this year-last year we only had to do rabies and coggins, and she was annoyed and we had to put that head thing on, shown in the pictures. I don't know what it's called, but it 'hits pressure points' behind her ears and inside her lip that make her sleepy. The thing works GREAT. You can pull the string and it's hooked to a little pulley (see yellow arrow in pic.) that makes it tighter. The strangles vaccine is a thing that you squirt into the horse's nose and most horse's don't like it, including Daisy. She started to toss her head, and she did toss it, but I pulled the thing tighter and she pretty much calmed down. She's good for a year now! Hopefully I won't need the vet until next year! :D

On another thought, I signed papers for Daisy for showing this summer and my 4H leader (Daisy's old owner) is going to let me show her English Thoroughbred, Bubba, at the county fair! I'll show him English...not that I know much about English, but I guess I'll learn. He's the 'black' horse in this post. He's pretty cool-I took care of him at shows. That's the OTHER thing-one week before I show Daisy I'm going to my 4H's leader's house and spending the week there (with Daisy, she'll trailer her there) so that I can 'train' with Daisy for the show, and practice with Bubba. Like a horse camp, except (in my opinion) more fun because I have Daisy! The week of the show I'll (probably) also stay at the house because Daisy will still be boarded there for the time we show because we'll trailer back and forth to the show grounds everyday.

So, I want summer to come! I don't know if you noticed, but I have a counter at the bottom of the page that counts down to 2:15 on the 26th of June-The time school lets out! SO exciting! :D

Have a nice week, everyone! (oh, if you haven't seen the post below this, check it out! :)


Sarah said...

I need the vet to come out to give my horses their yearly shots. And to float their teeth.

That second picture looks funny. It looks like Daisy is smileing

Anika said...

The second picture is kinda creepy looking, in my opinion. It's like she's about to kill you. lol. When Oreo got his shots, they gave him some medicine stuff to make him sleepy, he didn't get the pulley thing. Luckily, she's okay with the vet. Cool post!

Anika said...

Oh yeah, also:

That's awesome! You get to show Bubba! He's soooo pretty! I wish I could! I've never shown. Wanted to , though.

Sux for you! you have 10 more days of school than us, but that's cuz you start in september, and snow days....

Wanda said...

Well, horses get shots too!! Sorry I've not been visiting much yet...but we are moved in so I'll be checking in more often.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE horses too!! She is SOOOO SUPER CUTE!!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It looks like Daisy is grinning in that photo! hehe

Your post reminds me that I need to get the vet out here to do Baby Doll's yearly visit, too.
I think I will also have them look at Baby Doll's teeth and float them, if needed.
Do you get Daisy's teeth floated, too. Are you able to use that 'tool' to help Daisy be calm if the vet is in her mouth?

How exciting the plans you have with your 4H leader and Bubba!
And Daisy gets to go, too!

What a perfect summer for you!

Anonymous said...

I like this post. It was really cool and I liked the pictures too. Our horse doesn't really ever care when he gets his shots, but he doen't like the vet when the vet first comes. I can't wait to hear about the shows! And LUCKY i don't think we finish school in till June 30th! It might be before that, but I don't know.

Misha said...

Cool! sounds like fun! (the english showing thing) I can't wait till summer either!

Zoe said...

Do you still want to join the rom-12-2 blog? Just let me know.

Pony Girl said...

Did your vet bring the pulley-thing or did you get it somewhere? I should try that with My Boy. He missed half his shots because he was such a pill! I have to call another vet out to do them (our vet had an injured arm so we couldn't get the twitch on him.) Sounds like Daisy is ready for show season now!

Mellimaus said...

My vet brought the pulley thing...

I would totally reccommend it, if you can get it because it worked really well. If you'd like, I'll email Daisy's vet and ask what the thing was called...I like it a lot more then a twitch, and it's just really cool to see how well it works! :D

We're ready for show season regarding shots, alright, but we'll see how it acctually goes with riding! ;-)


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