Sunday, March 23, 2008

Random Pictures, Out of Order-A View of Today

These are just some pictures I took today....really random, and way out of order-and a lot of them. Sorry I haven't posted in so long...btw, I have no idea why this underline is here, sorry :-p.^^That picture up there(these: ^^^^ mean up) is of Daisy sleeping in the sun. This is the second time recently that we've seen her sleeping out behind her barn-I didn't have her stall open today, so she couldn't go in, so she slept outside. SO cute!

^^Genevieve on a tree we knocked down last summer. She uses it as a bridge over our stream. The picture in the top corner is of her at the base of the tree-I just combined them to save picture space. Isn't she so sweet?^^

^^Early morning on Red Gate Ranch (aka, the Little House in the Forest)...I was up at 7 this morning, which is 'painfully' early for a Saturday, because....well, I'll explain below.^^

^^Gronemeyer hiding in our woodpile-the cats take this place as the perfect place to hide from Abby, the dog.^^

^^Daisy ate her fill of trees today...^^

^^Curious little Miss Daisy....^^

^^This was taken after a ride, when she KNEW she was getting a treat. Isn't she funny? Sorry about the bright sun in the back round.^^

^^Genevieve (Genny) TOTALLY took advantage of the sun, and slept on the tarp that covers our wood. In the cropped pic. in the corner she's rolling. I think she's just so it just me?^^

^^^SO, here's why I got up at 7 am instead of 8:30 or 9.:
The last few days we've had a fox at our house around 7 every morning, wandering. This is a problem because the cats kept on climbing through the 'holes' in the roof of the barn, sliding down the side, and playing outside when it wasn't light out yet and the door wasn't open. NOTICE: The door wasn't open so they wouldn't get out! It worried us because we already lost our dear little Grenuie whom we had end of last summer, and I already love these two so today we(my Dad and I) covered the holes with chicken wire; no more getting out so early. I was up early because I had to let the cats out-I had closed them into a cage so they wouldn't get hurt until the wire was up. I took advantage of the light sun and took pictures...^^

^^Wiring from inside.^^^

^^^Just a cool picture of Daisy taken through the stall door-the door and wall is so dark, it made it look like a framed picture...^^

^^It was cold today. If you enlarge the picture you see Daisy's breath coming out of her nose... I went riding at around 9:30. It was a nice ride, but very, very cold. ^^

So, that's about it...sorry for the long wait for a post, and for the amount of photos...Tomorrow is Easter, the day Jesus rose!, he's a cool Man.

Anyway, enjoy the holiday! I'll try to post soon, but I can't promise anything....


Misha said...

cool post :]
I really like that pic where it looks like u took a pic of daisy and put it in a pic frame! wow i type pic a lot. lol

Happy (almost) Easter Sunday! We go to the beach for the sunrise service on Easter. Gotta get up so early too! But it'll be fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I loved seeing all of the photos, especially of Daisy. She is such a beautiful horse and makes some very funny faces, too. Love the one of her waiting for her treat!

And I was surprised to see Daisy sleeping in the cold. Brrr!

It's a good thing that you are able to protect the kitties from predators. Will you put a litterbox in the barn at night so you won't have to let them out so early?
The kitties have grown so much, haven't they?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Misha, that's great! We went on vacation to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last year, and we did that, except not at the beach, at a stadium. It was really cool, and really cold, lol.
Have fun!
Happy Easter!

Yes, they're almost full grown. They're very pretty cats, though...No, we don't put a litterbox in the barn, because they just use Daisy's shavings. :-)

Happy Easter!

Gudl said...

The photos are all so nice!
I LOVE the photo of Daisy waiting for her treat. That is hilarious!!
Great capture!
Happy Easter, Mellimaus!

Anonymous said...

Brr. Looks cold there! Sweet kitty!

Anonymous said...

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Danni said...

I just read on your mom's blog that yesterday was your birthday!
I'm sorry this is a bit late, but I wish you the HAPPIEST birthday and the best year ever!! I hope you did lots of fun stuff yesterday.
Alles, alles Liebe und Gute wuensche ich dir zum Geburtstag, Mellimaus!!

Anika said...

BOOTY-FULL pictures!!! The "kittens" are soo big!! They used to fit in my sweatshirt!! :( Daisy looks so cute, as usual. :] Hope to see you guys soon!!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy Birthday Mell!!!


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