Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Tush Cushion

Well, since I shared what the cats and Daisy got for Christmas, I figured I'd show what I got. I got this cover, called a Cashel Tush Cushion. It's like a pillow that I can strap to the saddle, like above, and it's soft, and cushioned, and comfortable. I went riding down the street on Friday, and the change was obvious. Most western saddles are pretty comfortable already, but mine is a little old, and the leather on the top was rubbed, so it was really hard. It was livable, but this is A LOT better :-). It's wonderful. I also got new barn boots, the Brit Middie kind from Muck Boot Company. I had them before, but now they're a size bigger. I got insulated gloves from my dad, that are, I think, wool (or yarn) with rubber all over the palm and underside of the fingers, so that if I get water on them, my fingers don't get cold. Also very good. Well, that's about all for the barn things.
Have a Happy New Year! I might do a special post tomorrow. Bye!


Anonymous said...

That looks very comfortable! I know how a saddle can hurt. :) Oh, I think your kittens and Daisy are so cute! We got a kitten last year, but she is pretty big now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, are you the one who left a comment on my last post? May I ask who you are, I'm just wondering?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mellimaus!
Yes, I did leave a comment on your last post. OK, umm.. I know the sister of Priscilla (scillyspot) and I found your blog on her blog and I thought that it was really cool. I LOVE horses sooo much! My sister has a horse too. OK, I might comment later too. BYE!

Mellimaus said...

Oh, cool, nice to meet you! I'm glad you're commenting! I LOVE comments!
Do you ride?

Anonymous said...

Well, I know Priscilla's sister, but I am friend's with Priscilla's sister's daughter. Yes, I do ride. I LOVE the horse that I ride sooo much! I don't own him, but I love him like he was my own. BYE!


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