Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Posting Because I Say I Do

It's been a week since I I'm posting because I claim I post at least once a week.

Nothing much has been going on. Tuesday I took an almost 2 hour road ride with Lydia and Stewy... that was fun. In the afternoon, I gave pony rides on Daisy to two kids I'm babysitting. The little boy, 5, was a little unsure about it all. "We're riding on stones...that's bad right? What if I fall?...Ok I'm ready to turn now. Please turn. She's not going to go faster right?" (Imagine Daisy barely taking a step every second. That. slow. ;) His sister, 7, picked it up faster. Riding up hill, I told her to lean forward. As we went to go down "Do I lean back now?" :) smart kid.

I rode Ladd on Monday. He was INCREDIBLE. I hacked him out and he was amazing. We trotted and cantered and survived! I took him out again wasn't quite as good, he still behaved but he was stronger than on Monday...but in all it was a good ride. Tomorrow I have...*gasp*...another lesson on Ladd with Karin. :P Ohhh goodness. What shall the day bring?
Otherwise, there is nothing really to report. I've been riding Bubba bareback which is loads of fun. He's really smooth for trot and canter; good boy. I'm riding him (with a saddle ;)) in a parade on the 4th of July.

Otherwise...nothing much. I'm battling a fever this afternoon, weirdly...hoping it will be gone for my lesson tomorrow.

Tootles, ;)

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