Saturday, June 5, 2010

XC Schooling & An Old Friend

The schooling was a lot of fun! The picture above is from our group.
Left to right: Lina on Millie, Oliver on Phoenix, Me on Daisy, and Katie on Allie.
(Picture by Lina's dad)

We stuck to the small intro jumps this time...which was sorta boring, but I think it was good; Karen said since Daisy's not used to jumping yet this season we should take it slow. She was pretty tired out by the end so it's probably good we didn't do more than we did. There were about 10 jumps I think. As she did in October, Daisy tried to get out of jumping the first two jumps, but once I forced her to do them, she gave up and NEVER ONCE refused! It was awesome! :) I was so proud of her. We even did our first bank jump. All of the horses but Daisy stopped in front of it before they'd go up; Daisy just took it "in stride" (hehe) :). It turned out to be a different course than from the links I posted :( the schooling for that course is this week Wednesday...I wish I could say I was going (because we may do an intro event there late in the season so it'd be great to school it) but with all my schoolwork, and money, and such...I don't think it will happen.

Bank jump below:

Jean took pictures and filmed the entire course again but she can't get her camera to work on her PC currently...hopefully I'll have pictures soon. The above picture is just of a still of a video. I do have all the videos because it was my camcorder, I'm just waiting for her pictures to be able to put together a video like last time. :)

In the meantime, I made this lame little movie....used pictures and put them together. I just thought it was cool to see how her body moves as she jumps.

And now! Drumroll....I visited Patchy on Thursday! The last time I saw him was fall of 2006. My mom surprised me after school and said we were going there. It was so cool. So many of the horses I learned to ride on were still there; including my Patchy boy. It was so so great to see him; my mom got a photo with my cell.

What a sweet little's funny though....he's SO much shorter than I remembered! :) I'm really glad I got to see him and be assured that he's still there and safe :)

The pleasure show last Sunday had a date change to tomorrow (forgot to mention that). So, our official "first show" is FINALLY tomorrow! Just crossing our fingers and saying prayers that it doesn't get canceled due to rain.

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Gudl said...

You look great jumping! I am happy that you have so much fun with the horse(s)


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