Thursday, June 17, 2010


I rode Ladd for the first time Tuesday, with my goal being to ride him twice before Friday (tomorrow), when I have a lesson with Karin on him.

My first ride was pretty interesting...I got a huge blister on one finger, and he was really up, still went well.
This morning my mom came and took pictures and videos of me riding him.
Do you see how tall he is? At least 17 hands. He's just as tall as I am!

I didn't have my hair pulled back :P because I had a test to take at school after and I didn't want to look horrible (I know...I shouldn't care...) so my hair looks a little funny under the helmet :P but I'm choosing to look past it.

I think Ladd looks awesome. He's very handsome.

I love this picture :) He's like "Oh! Kisses! For me?! Yes!". Saying he's lovable is and understatement. He is completely cuddly. No kidding.

He rides like a noodle...if there's any way to describe him. He really needs you to ask everything of him all the time; he's not one that will truly think on his own...he's smart, but he longs for guidance :P and he needs constant reassurance that he's gonna be ok :P

Our ride started out walking (of course)....notice how antsy he is just walking at first :P

I was "running the bit" the entire ride to bring his head down, but as you can tell, he'd bring it down for a few steps and then it would pop back up again :P. He definitely felt better riding today (no blisters!) and I really think the more I ride him the easier it will get. I'm excited. He'll be a fun 'project'.

His noodle-y-ness is the reason my butt pops out of the saddle cantering :P I'm workin' on that.

I didn't really realize HOW tall he was until I saw the video of me on him...together, we're HUGE! Tomorrow I have a lessen with Karin :) Should be interesting (and COMPLETELY exhausting :P) Daisy goes to Jean's tomorrow for a mounted meeting and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY *crossing fingers times a million that it won't rain* we'll have a first show on Saturday! Evening game show, 5pm to about 10.

And now, my eyes are falling closed as I type :P so I'm off to bed. Lots of riding tomorrow!
Thanks sooo much to Jean for sharing Ladd with me and to my Mom for driving me and taking pictures and videos :)

More videos on my mom's youtube.

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Sydney_bitless said...

Big boy. I bet his stride is absolutely ground covering compared to Daisy.


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