Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mostly Jumping Ladd

I rode Ladd again today...and jumped. Again, my arms stink :P
Just keep ridin', just keep ridin'....and hopefully my arm strength will catch up :P
The jumping was my arms got tired, it got bad :-/...but this video is decent ;) :P Thanks for filming, Mom!

I also rode Daisy bareback on the trail today...and took her out in the woods (off the trail), picking small trees that were down, maybe down but not flat on the ground (so they were off the ground a bit and taller) and jumping them. She liked it :)

Tomorrow's schedule includes Ladd, Bubba, and Daisy :) Life is good.

Anyone here mix their own natural fly spray? I'm currently using black tea, tea tree oil, and ACV, because that's what I have at home...but I think I'm going to order essential citronella oil and lemongrass oil soon...


ILJ said...

great video!!! :D
and i love how the dogs are running around in the ring too :)

Sydney_bitless said...

Good video.

I got a fly spray that works well.
1cup citronella oil (not the burning oil but the oil used for animals!)
4 cups black peppermint tea, leaves left in the bottle, make sure you let it sit in the hot water for a looooong time.
1 cup white vinegar
1tbsp tea tree oil
I also add about one small bottle of non-scented hairspray to this because it makes the whole thing stick to the haircoat and lasts longer. It really does work. Shake every time really well. If you have dogs/cats with fleas add crushed garlic in some cheesecloth.

Mellimaus said...

Thanks, Sydney!

allhorsestuff said...

That formula looks good for the spray..will have to try that.

WITH A HORSE that I that strung out and pulling on you...I would recommend taking up a "short cross" or "Bridging the reins", and placing your hands on his crest, then he will pull against himself

ALSO,try some circles at the far ends, after the help him re balance and you too! Oh, I envy you turn will come...just got a truck and will try to schedule with my old trainer again, in the outdoor saned jump arena about 7 miles down the road.

Be well dear girl!!


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