Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I Did When the Show was Canceled

The show was indeed canceled due to rain.

So I still haven't had a first show of the season :P

I went to the barn and rode Daisy, and...needless to say, I think I'm really glad we didn't have a show. We would have been terrible; SHE was terrible today. She kept sticking her nose in the air like "remember what it was like back when I didn't come on the bit?! Let's reminisce!!" Which of course was much appreciated. Not.

So...after much struggle to do circle work and get on the bit and get an inside bend, I finally got off and hooked up the side reins....and she was much better. I have videos from my phone but haven't uploaded them.

While I tacked and had my back turned, Daisy squirted in the aisle.
Of course. She's in heat. And was by Bubba and Ladd for goodness sake.
Yeah. This was their reaction (notice Ladd is doing it in the back too):

At least someone enjoyed it. :P

So, note to self, never give Daisy days off. ever. It only makes rides miserable :P

SO! I have exciting is out the 14th, and then I'll start going to Jean's during the week (at least 3 days a week) to ride Bubba and...LADD!
Lets refresh our memory. Here's the handsome boy:

And he's at least 17 hands. And he's 7. And has evented to Training level I think. Jean's really busy with our club and lessons and boarders and such, and asked me to help her condition him...and I totally jumped on it. I think it'll be completely awesome. Hopefully the week of the 14th I'll take a lesson with Karen on him, and then I'll start riding him, and Jean will maybe she'll actually make it to an event this year. He had a suspensory injury last year spring but has been cleared to ride for awhile now.

And now I must go,

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Lydia said...

Haha, remember when we were riding together and Daisy was in heat? That was so funny. (:

Awesome; you're going to start riding Ladd! Can't wait to hear how it goes.



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