Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daisy, Bubba, and the Ladd-y Boy

Hey readers who I know exist but don't comment? What's up?
(Note: I don't care that much about comments...but I do like to know that people are reading. So like one time if you wanna let me know through a comment that you live in like What-The-Heck-istan and you read my blog I'd love to hear that. Thanks. :))

Quick shot of Daisy...she's not square though. I wanna try to get a level picture of her square.
ROAD SIGN! That was the exciting part of our week. New road signs were put up. Obviously by the picture below showing how close we are to the sign you can tell Daisy didn't really have a huge problem with it :)

I rode the 5.2 mile block in spurs this afternoon...should use spurs more. It was so great :)

Rode Bubba this morning. My mom took pictures and videos :)
He has a trot and canter that sort of forces you to flow with sometimes I think I must look like I sort of squirm in the saddle,'s just his way of going.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of me smiling on his back. :P So I look so forced and grumpy and focused...haha. Oh well.

I rode in the jump saddle because I couldn't find his dressage one...I like the dressage one better. :P I'm not used to the jump saddle.

My first ride on Ladd will be Tuesday when Jean can be there. :)

I absolutely adore this picture. The lighting makes it look great. I love that horse. :)

Alrightyyy....I'm off to bed. Last day of school Monday, plus three Regents the following two weeks...but basically...I'm free! :D
Evening game show (5-10ish pm) next week Saturday. :)


Pedi said...

Du siehst super auf Bubba aus!
W√ľnsche dir ganz tolle Ferien!!

Gudl said...

I know you were smiling inside when you were riding Bubba!! HAHA.
Nice photos your mother took, and not a bad job either filming ... lol
Life is good, isn't it!!

Bethany & Dahlia said...

I LOVEEE the first picture of you and Bubba and the first picture of you and Ladd :D I cant wait to meet Ladd!


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