Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trail Ride and No Name

So, on Monday after I round penned Daisy I took a trail ride bareback through the woods...I may post a video from that later. These are some pictures I took...

I don't think/know others that others think so, but I love black and white pictures. They are just so regal looking and cool...I love them. I LOVE this picture I took of Daisy on the ride...I think she looks absolutely beautiful! What do you think?

This is a new little Pony of America pony that Jean got on Monday for lessons...he is I think 17...his name is Dill Pickles...well, no one really likes that name and he's too cute to have a name like that! So he needs a new name. We thought about Benny, but I think it's too boring for him...I think Danny would fit him, but *others* :-P don't agree, lol...I'm enlisting your help. Any ideas for this cute little boy?


Horse Lover said...

I like Danny too. He is soo cute:)! Daisy is really pretty too! Well gtg.

Horse Lover

Anika said...

I think Danny and Benny are both a little "meh." I looove POAs, thy're so cool, there was one at camp named Paris. I think the name Dill Pickles is cute for him, if his nickname is Dill. aww i think thats ones really good for him.

I LOVE JESUS said...

Daisy is SO cute and PRETTY! And I have to agree I like black and white pictures too. :)

Gudl said...

I like the way Daisy looks back at you.

Sarah said...

I love those two pix of Daisy!!

No-name's a cute pony. What about one of these names:


I think he looks like all of those names. Especially the first four. :) I hope that helps!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! Mell! That second photo from the top is just gorgeous! Just look out soft and flexible Daisy's neck is, and her head and ears are set just perfectly.
Did you brush out her mane before those pictures, too?
Her mane looks so luxuriant!

LOVE, LOVE those pictures!
I'm so glad you got to enjoy a nice bareback romp through the forest, too. :)

My vote for that cutie POA boy is:




He's just so CUTE. Those two names fit him well. :)


Abster said...

Daisy is beautiful!
Abster Out.


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