Monday, September 22, 2008

"Today's" Show--PART 2

Ok, so where I left off yesterday:

The whole trail class was taped, and although when I came out I thought it was kind of rushed and messy, I was told it wasn't (lol) and I ended up with 3 place! I'm really happy with that because Daisy and I got past the "scary" leafy, box-shaped thing and the gate and those were pretty scary for a horse.

Next was Western Pleasure and Stock Seat Equitation, which is pretty much western equitation. These classes...well...there was a lot of competition. There was in the trail class as well, even more then ever because it was western and english combined, but I'd say that in the pleasure class there were at least 12 other entrants, if not more. These days, the "style" of pleasure horse is (no offense) the horse that moves soooo slow at the trot that you think any minute it's going to start walking, and it's head is hanging looowwww on the ground, and when they canter it's really, really slow. Daisy is not like that. Her trot, I must say, is quite nice--slow, but energetic and high-stepping and nice. Her canter, however (at least yesterday) was quite energetic as well, too energetic, and she doesn't carry her head low. It kind of bugs me that that is the way western horses are "supposed" to be these days--I think (personally) it should be more lively. Anyway, Daisy didn't stand a chance against those (again, no offense to people) half asleep horses, and we didn't place at all in those two classes. But Daisy isn't built for that and I'm glad - the horse I ride is lively and fun and good at other things--like barrel racing (There's a barrel show this weekend! YEY!!!!!!!!!)

The last show was a command was ok...we got 6th place (they only ribbon up to 6th)...Daisy was really hard to stop, so that's why we weren't better...overall she was curious and excited about everything that day, so it didn't go quite as smooth as it could have, but I'm tremendously happy with the trail class, so it was worth it. My little mare is wonderful in any case.

Jean's sister did take pictures of us doing the trail class (YES!) and got an amazing picture of us going over the log jump, so hopefully I can get those pictures within this week and post them. :D

Thank you for all your kind comments everyone! I read every single one of them, even if I don't always answer (right away)! Thanks for them!

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Horse Lover said...
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Horse Lover said...

Cool! Wish we had those types of shows where we live! We only have Hunter Jumper and English shows!lol! Everyone there is so stuck up! I mean like the person who always gets 1st place is on the board:0! It is soo unfair;)!

Horse Lover

Anika said...

oo! are you going to put the video up? I was gonna say you should have taped it in the last comment and now you did! sweet. i wanna see it! but maybe its on the post above this. i havent looked yet...good job!

Anika said...

aw, the video wasnt up on the other post...well, maybe you can put it up sometime, and i cant wait to see the picture(s)!


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